What Dad Advice Did Fredrik Eklund From ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Have for Ryan Serhant?

It’s a Million Dollar Listing New York baby boom as nearly every broker on the show is a new father. During a recent episode, Luis D. Ortiz recounted his daughter’s emotional birth.

Plus, Fredrik Eklund tried to juggle the insanity of parenthood with a demanding career. He is filmed making phone calls to clients while his adorable toddler twins begged for his attention.

Fredrik Eklund, Ryan Serhant, and Steve Gold
Fredrik Eklund, Ryan Serhant, and Steve Gold |Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Meanwhile, brokers Steve Gold and Ryan Serhant were still waiting for their children to be born. In fact, when Ortiz shares the wonderful news that he is a father with Gold, Gold is overwhelmed.

Gold says he’s not only thrilled for Ortiz but can’t wait to share that he too is going to be a father. He was waiting until the second trimester to make the announcement. Serhant, however, was on the brink of meeting his daughter on the show. In a Bravo digital original, Eklund offers his best dad advice to Serhant. Plus Serhant shares what worried him the most when his wife was pregnant.

Dance and don’t keep checking your phone

As a father to two one-year-olds, Eklund says his best dad advice is to be present. “Don’t be on your phone, ever around your kids,” he says. Which is good advice to follow as Eklund was on his phone while his twins were busy playing and babbling in the background. Needless to say, the twins were not happy with their father.

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He adds, “Really try to get down on their level, like heightwise.” Instead of standing over them to talk, he likes to get on the floor with his children and hold and play with them. During the episode, Eklund abandons his phone and dives in to play with his children. “Go face to face.”

Of course, the third piece of advice is signature Eklund. “Dance,” he smiles. “I don’t think Ryan is a good dancer, but I am. So just try to dance with them and play. Be a little crazy. That’s your job as a dad, to be the fun, crazy dad.”

Serhant worried something would go wrong during his wife’s pregnancy

While Serhant is likely that fun and crazy dad now that baby Zena has arrived, he was constantly plagued with worry while she was still in utero. The show hinted at issues with Serhant’s wife Emilia getting pregnant. Later the couple revealed she underwent in-vitro fertilization and Serhant shared the emotional video of when they discovered that the procedure worked.

Since the journey was so emotional and long, Serhant says he was always worried something could go wrong with the pregnancy. “It’s incredibly exciting, knowing this is coming, it’s also totally terrifying because I don’t know what to do,” he admits. “Also, we’re just nervous about … what if something happens?”

“You know it’s been so hard for us to get pregnant, to get to this point,” he continues. “We’re unfortunately on pins and needles every day. Like every day that goes by, we’re so happy she’s still there but oh my gosh, what if something happens? And I know that’s no way to live, but when you go through the years of what Emilia has gone through, it’s hard not to think that way.”