What Did Captain Lee From ‘Below Deck’ Do That Left Fans Awestruck?

Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck may have a tough exterior, but this salty dog definitely has a heart of gold. Rosbach has shown his sweet side several times during Below Deck, especially during the recent season.

He also supports a number of nonprofit organizations and is always happy to take a photo with an excited fan. Most recently he tried to quietly do something quite generous on a flight. A fan caught him in the act and couldn’t resist posting to Twitter. And fans are pretty glad this Twitter fan went public with this act of kindness.

Captain Lee Rosbach | Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Rosbach showed his softer side this season

Rosbach had his share of challenges during the last season of Below Deck. In addition to having some of his crew literally melt down, he also faced the worst accident in his yachting career. He was so traumatized by the accident, it continues to haunt him to this day.

When he appeared on an after show video, he admitted to still being shaken by Ashton Pienaar’s near death experience.  “How can you go through that with a group of people, and not have it bring you closer together?” he asked.

He seemed to search for the right words. “I don’t have words for it,” he says shaking his head. “It’s something we went through together. It still haunts me.” While the memory is horrible, Rosbach says he clings to it because it reminds him to stay extra alert.

Being a parent is never far from his mind

Rosbach also couldn’t let go of the fact that Pienaar is someone’s child. And that if Pienaar had died, he’d be the one to take responsibility and have to tell his parents.

In a side interview with Bravo, Rosbach says, “We weren’t from 30 seconds of him dying and I have to call his parents and tell them their son is dead,” Rosbach, who is a father says to the camera. “And I’m responsible. I don’t know how I’d deal with that. I have kids. And I don’t know how I’d make that call.”

Viewers could see too how Rosbach put himself in Pienaar’s parent’s position and that may have been part of the reason why Rosbach was so devastated.

Rosbach also volunteers his time

Bravo reports that Rosbach lent his support for the Marine Industry Cares Foundation, which offers support for charities for children in need. He also took part in a fundraising spin-a-thon too. He even delivered the commencement address at the Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale.

Last year he cycled to support Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center of Ft Lauderdale. “We made it,” he posted to Instagram. “I wanted to take this opportunity to give my heartfelt thanks to all who gave to this great cause. 1/2 of what we raised is going to the Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center of Ft Lauderdale. Dr Ana Calderon and her team do such great things and our little bit helps so much. You guy put us in the top 10 of fundraisers. I just can’t thank everyone enough.”

So what did he recently do?

A fan took to Twitter to let everyone know that Rosbach generously gave up his first class seat on a flight for a member of the military. “@capthlr was awe struck on the plane! But it’s awesome to get to say that I am flying with Captain Lee! And clearly you gave up first class seating for someone….sir you ARE FIRST CLASS!”

Rosbach was modest and replied, “I gave my seat to a young serviceman who has done more for me than I could possibly do for him. Just a small token of my gratitude for his dedication and service for our country.”

Of course fans were warmed by his generosity. “That’s awesome! Coming from an AF vet happy to hear you being you and doing what you did. It does not surprise me! You are a man of character and it’s awesome,” one person wrote. Another just wrote, “Random act of kindness from a classy man!”

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