What Did Chef Mila from ‘Below Deck Med’ Say About Her Culinary Training?

Massive rumors exploded after Chef Mila Kolomeitseva’s debut on Below Deck Mediterranean.

After spending her first day in bed with food poisoning, Kolomeitseva rallied to prepare meals for the guests. But the crew (and viewers) were shocked when her idea of five-star dining meant Old El Paso nachos and microwaved (licked) steaks.

Captain Sandy Yawn, Hannah Ferrier, Aesha Scott |Photo by Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The cast seems to be getting along better than ever. So viewers accuse Bravo of “planting” Kolomeitseva to create drama. Fans assert she couldn’t possibly be an actual chef. Especially one who claimed to be trained at Le Cordon Bleu.

Captain Sandy and crew insist she’s real

Captain Sandy Yawn responded to fan accusations that her chef was fake. Yawn posted a video prior to the episode where her culinary talents are on display. Kolomeitseva insists there is no way to slice meat thinly, but Yawn skillfully shows her how it is done.

Fans reacted to the video and expressed disappointment that Bravo brought in a plant. Yawn swiftly responded to fan concerns by telling them Kolomeitseva is the real deal. “Lots of crazy speculation out there. We’re only on EP1 with a long, hot summer to come,” Yawn wrote “Stay Tuned! You won’t be disappointed!”

Additionally, a Below Deck Med producer said his team was just as surprised as the crew. “If you had seen the control room on the [production] boat when those nachos came out, you would see that [what happened] is equally surprising to us,” Noah Samton, Bravo’s senior vice president of current production told The Washington Post.

Kolomeitseva discusses her training

Leave it to Reddit to unearth a video that Kolomeitseva created to enter a cooking competition. Bravo’s The Feast shared the video, which shows Kolomeitseva discussing how food is the “love of her life.”

Mila Kolomeitseva YouTube | Bravo’s The Feast

She’s wearing a happy sundress and looks confident and at ease as she explains her journey to finding her passion. She’s smiling and seems almost giddy. Which is in complete contrast to the stress and anxiety she displays on Below Deck Med.

Kolomeitseva explains her passion for food actually came from living in Asia. She adds that she tries to infuse Asian traditions into her cooking too.

Is Le Cordon Bleu training real too?

According to her video, Kolomeitseva asserts she was trained at Le Cordon Bleu. “After learning from my travels and real-life experiences I went back to school, Le Cordon Bleu Paris,” she says to the camera. “And I just can’t wait to show my skills to you.”

She shot the video in gorgeous Spain and even provided some background of her location. Ironically, she prepares a shrimp pasta dish for her cooking submission. It was a shrimp pasta dish that she blamed for her food poisoning on the show.

In an upcoming episode of Below Deck Med, Kolomeitseva prepares seafood for the guests but opts for canned seafood instead of fresh. But in the video, she shows how to prep and peel fresh shrimp. She uses fresh ingredients (not out of a box or a can), plus she seems at ease. What happened between the video and her time on Below Deck Med?