What Did Jennifer Lopez Say About Her and Alex Rodriguez’s Second Anniversary?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are one of the cutest couples around! The pair has been together for two years, and while they generally keep a low profile, Jennifer recently took to social media when it came to celebrating their second year with each other. JLo posted her feelings for her baseball-star boyfriend, sharing her love and admiration, as well as her joy for getting to know him during their time as a couple.

What did Jennifer have to say?

Jennifer posted the cutest message, along with a picture of herself sporting light blonde hair, smiling seductively at Alex. She said that she was happy for the love, and how Alex makes her world so much better. The 49-year-old JLo even said how Alex makes her feel so much younger. It looks like Jennifer feels like a young girl falling in love!

When did Jennifer and Alex meet?

Jennifer and Alex, known to fans as JLo and A-Rod, first met all the way back in 2005, when Jennifer was still married to Marc Anthony, and Alex was still married to his ex-wife, Cynthia. They had the pleasure of making each other’s acquaintance at a baseball game, unaware they would come together years later as a couple.

How did they get together?

It wasn’t until the soon to be couple bumped into each other outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles that their relationship began. Of course, they still recognized each other after 12 years, and after exchanging pleasantries, not to mention realizing that they were both single now, Alex asked Jennifer to accompany him to dinner and the rest is history!

What important milestones have the couple hit during their time together?

Jennifer and Alex’s two years together have certainly been fun for them both! A few months into their relationship, they took a trip to Paris, where they enjoyed the city as well as each other. The couple has gushed over each other constantly, making it no secret they are simply smitten! They make plenty of time to spend together, along with their children, who apparently all get along wonderfully.

Is their relationship a strong one?

It seems that the relationship between Jennifer and Alex is as strong as it can possibly get! According to A-Rod, his daughters adore her. They have said multiple times how they enjoy learning new things about each other each and every day, and how they love being with each other in all they do. Although both have been married before, the couple does not seem to be rushing into anything with each other. It looks as if they are just enjoying things in the present moment!

What did Alex have to say about Jennifer on their two year anniversary?

JLo wasn’t the only one who posted sweet sentiments on social media on the two-year anniversary of her relationship! Alex also took to Instagram, letting social media followers know just how amazing he feels being in a relationship with Jennifer. He expressed his love by saying how the two years have gone by so quickly, and how everything that the couple does together makes him extremely happy. A-Rod shared a lovely picture of himself, Jennifer, Jennifer’s daughter, and one of his own daughters. Naturally the sweet posted garnered adorable comments from friends and fans, who all expressed their support of the cute couple.

What is next for JLo and A-Rod?

While the couple has not told fans what is up next in their relationship, we can only speculate that they will continue their wonderful adventure along with their children. They seem to be taking it one day at a time, and loving every second!