What Did John Goodman Say About Roseanne Barr?

When Roseanne went back on the air last March fans were ecstatic. The show had been off the air for just over two decades, and fans rejoiced over the idea that a whole new generation of Roseanne fans would be born. The revival was a hit and just like that Roseanne was greenlit for a full 13 episode run.

Not even three months after the renewal Roseanne issued a troubling Tweet referencing Valerie Jarrett. Just like that, the show’s potential success was stopped dead in its tracks. Producers dropped the show the same day and created a spin-off named The Conners where Roseanne’s absence is chalked up to her untimely demise due to a drug overdose.

Does John Goodman miss working with Roseanne Barr?

During an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Goodman revealed just how much he misses working with his late on-screen wife. According to Goodman, the set of The Conneris “extremely odd” without Roseanne. America’s father figure for decades said that the two used to have a lot of fun during filming and that he really misses her. Despite having a handful of the other cast members present from the original run, it’s clear to see that the show just isn’t the same for Goodman.

Barr had to relinquish all of her rights to the show so that the spin-off could be created under The Conners with the same look and feel, something Goodman is eternally grateful for.

How does the rest of the cast feel about Roseanne being fired?

A great deal of the other cast members showed disdain for Barr’s her abhorrent comment about Barack Obama’s senior advisor.

Sara Gilbert, who plays Darlene Conner, immediately distanced herself from the trainwreck, saying neither the cast or crew stand behind her. She also admitted to being disappointed in her actions at the very least, the type of response a scathing mother might give their child.

Emma Kenney, who plays Harris Conner (Roseanne’s granddaughter), was ready to quit. The young star tweeted that news of the show’s cancellation reached her just as she was calling her manager to be removed from the show. She stood behind ABC 100% and believed canceling the show was the right move because “Bullies will NEVER win”.

Michael Fishman, aka D.J. Conner, expressed sadness for all those who worked hard on the show as well as the audience who welcomed the Conner family into their homes. He went on to speak highly of the cast, crew and the inclusivity surrounding the storylines they produced. Ultimately he also condemned Barr’s comments and felt his silence would be just as bad as standing by her side.

It wasn’t just Roseanne’s former co-stars who had a lot to say. Many other big names such as ABC’s Shonda Rhimes chimed in to voice their disappointment in Barr and their support of ABC’s decision.

Why does Roseanne Barr think she was fired?

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr | Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images

Barr recently opened up and began talking about the “real reason” she believes she was fired. She told the Jerusalem Post that she believed antisemitism was behind her losing her job. While this may not be her first explanation for being fired from her own reboot, it is the most polarizing.

According to Barr, she felt that at least one of the reasons behind her being unable to speak her part on the insensitive tweet had to be racially-religiously charged. In her eyes, because she is “the most vocal person about Israel and (opposes) BDS,” ABC utilized the opportunity to take her tweet, twist it into something controversial, and remove her from the show.

This isn’t the first time that Barr has referenced anti-semitism as the reason behind ABC letting her go either. She took to Twitter to defend herself since no one else would.

How does Roseanne feel about her show being canceled?

Barr created the original show which ran between 1988 and 1997 and had a hand in the premier and subsequent reboot. Needless to say, the loss of her life’s work hits hard. VICE News did an exclusive piece on Barr that took an intimate look at how she was coping. At the time, the controversial comedy icon was clearly suffering.

“It’s like the worst thing they could have possibly done to me was to fire me from me from my own show and let other people write my life story.” – Roseanne Barr

Her polarizing behavior has created an unbearable distance between her and her former on-screen family. Considering the years they have together and the promising moments that were ahead, losing them was the same as losing a real family. Though, one could say she lost them the moment they “threw her under the bus.”