What Did Kate Middleton Think the First Time She Met Prince William?

It is not every day that someone gets to meet a real-life prince, and naturally, anyone would be quite nervous about doing so. Most people would likely be at a loss for words, not knowing the right thing to say or do.

As it turns out, the royals are actually a pretty down to earth group of people. Prince William, in particular, has a sparkling personality, and it is evident from observing him at royal events and meet and greets that he truly enjoys getting to know new people. 

It is hard to believe that so many years have flown by since the future king was packing his bags and going off to the University of Saint Andrews. As we know, it was there that he met his future wife and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Chances are, when Kate was growing up in the small, quiet Village of Bucklebury, she never dreamed that she would be the future queen. There is no doubt that meeting a royal is very exciting. So, what did Kate think the first time she met Prince William?

When did they see each other for the first time?

Prince William Kate Middleton
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

While many people believe that the first time William and Kate actually met was at college, this isn’t exactly true. According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, it happened a few years prior to that. A royal biographer says that Kate saw William in person for the first time when she was only 9 years old, at a school hockey game.

The biographer, Katie Nicholl, says that although Kate wasn’t interested in boys just yet, William caught her eye when she saw him. It is pretty safe to say that she didn’t know at the time about all of the wonderful things that the future held for her. 

Meeting up again during their college years

Years later, Kate found herself attending the same college as Prince William, even living in the same building. With their school being on the small side, it wasn’t long before the two of them made each other’s acquaintance. They didn’t jump right into a relationship, however.

According to Whimm, it turns out that Kate was actually dating someone else at the time, and they were nothing more than friends for a while. 

The royal romance begins

Most royal fans know the story: Kate was walking in a charity fashion show, and that is when William began to see her in a completely different light. It was that particular night when Kate was gliding down the runway in a sheer dress that left little to the imagination that William turned to his friend and said “Kate’s hot.”

International Business Times reports that the Prince even tried to kiss Kate after the show, but she resisted. Luckily, after some time, Kate began to look at William differently as well, and it was the beginning of something special.

What did Kate think the first time she met Prince William?

According to Kate herself, she was pretty shy! She revealed during her engagement interview with William that when she was first introduced to him at college, she went “bright red” and “scuttled off.”

We can’t say that we blame Kate for being so bashful about meeting the future prince, because it was definitely a big moment in her life.

Although she was pretty timid the first time she came face to face with William, it can certainly be said that she must have done something right. Not just anyone gets to say that they were swept away by a prince and got to live happily ever after, yet that is exactly what Kate did.