What Did This ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star Share About Parenthood?

A baby boom appears to have hit Bravo. From Andy Cohen‘s adorable baby boy to Porsha Williams from The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s precious newborn baby girl, babies are taking over the network.

Joining the baby group is Ryan Serhant and Emilia Bechrakis’ sweet daughter Zena. The couple didn’t publicly share that they were expecting until Zena arrived in late February, but they have since revealed more about their journey. Conceiving and carrying the baby was filled with challenges and worry.

NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 19: Celebrity attendees Ryan and Emilia Serhant attend the City Harvest’s Summer In The City at The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers on June 19, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Ben Hider/Getty Images for City Harvest )

But now that her daughter is here, Bechrakis has shared on Instagram about some of the expectations she had prior to Zena’s birth. Plus how being a new mom has changed everything.

Zena was very wanted

Serhant’s first Instagram post about the baby’s arrival described the journey the couple endured. “Your momma and I have waited almost 3 years to meet you,” he wrote. “We had no idea how difficult getting pregnant with you was going to be. We tried everything. We were so nervous you might never come. When we finally decided to try IVF, we were so scared it wouldn’t work. And then you stuck.”

He also posted a funny photo of the couple when they found out that Bechrakis was pregnant. ” I will never forget it,” he penned. “We put a towel over the pregnancy test and sat there FREAKING OUT for 6 minutes. We wanted to give it extra time just in case. And we kept telling each other it would be negative so that we would have low expectations. OR that if it WAS positive, it was a false positive. Because after so many years of trying, there’s NO WAY it worked. Right???”

Life with baby has been sweet

It is no secret that Serhant is a super proud papa. He posted a wonderful photo to Instagram during Zena’s first walk. “Going for our first walk! I can’t wait to show her the whole world. My little Greek New York princess.”

Bechrakis posted her own “going for a walk” photo too. “Out for a stroll with my girl. So wild. I never thought this day would come! 😊 (partially because I never thought I would walk again 🤪).” She also included an adorable photo of Zena’s growing feet. “Obsessed with these tiny big feet 🥰
I guess we won’t be sharing shoes when she’s older huh..”

But she gets real about this

While the couple could not wait to start a family, Bechrakis wrote about some very real feelings she had, pre-Zena. “I was never a ‘baby person.’ I mean, they were cute and all, but I didn’t seem to get it. I was more likely to get excited about seeing a puppy than a baby,” she admitted.

“Even strollers seemed bothersome. I wondered how people found them remotely practical or why it was so hard for them to decide on the right one. I tuned out baby talk and never understood a single thing parents were saying about their children.”

But then a friend took her to a baby sample sale before Zena was born. “I started to have a panic attack. I couldn’t even bring myself to buy anything. Everyone there was so excited to shop. The other mothers-to-be knew what sizes babies were. How much they weighed and how fast they grew out of their newborn clothes. I still didn’t get it. I kept googling : ‘minimalist newborn must have list.’ I kept trying to find one person on the internet that would say all you need are 5 things. Even the short lists seemed too overwhelming. It all sent my head into a tailspin.”

So what’s it like now?

“Here I am 5 weeks postpartum, cooing over this little baby munchkin,” she continued. “Taking pictures of her every second. Ryan says I’m going to run out of space on my phone because HOW could I delete ANY of them, even the out of focus ones.”

Bechrakis is madly in love. “Now, all I do is look up baby stuff and all I can talk about is cradle cap and baby poop. Baby this baby that 🤦🏻‍♀️ I cant tell you how many times I’ve FaceTime Ryan to show him a new funny face or the million times a day I’ve texted my pediatrician a picture of the same rash he continues to confirm is ‘just a normal baby rash.'”

“And I was SO excited to use my fancy new stroller – (PS: it IS freaking hard to decide which one is the best) Now, I know what size fits what baby weight and I know babies really do grow fast. And ALL I want to do is talk about everyone’s children and now I notice EVERY baby in the room. Who am I?!”

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