What Do Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Do On Their Date Nights?

The Duggars have been on our TV screens for years, and we’ve watched Jim Bob and Michelle’s 19 eldest kids grow from teens into adults with marriages and children of their own. Nowadays, fans are particularly interested in Jill Duggar. The 27-year-old has two children with husband Derick Dillard — and the two have been the center of controversy in the recent past. While Jill and Derick were frequently seen on TLC’s Counting On, the network decided to stop associating with the couple after Derick’s string of transphobic and homophobic tweets.

Today, fans are still interested in what Jill and Derick are up to — and they’re particularly curious about what happens on a Dillard date night. Here’s what we’ve gathered.

Jill allegedly has 3 date-night rules she likes to follow

Thanks to Instagram, fans have gotten an inside look into what Jill and Derick do for date nights. It’s never anything too scandalous, as we know the two lovebirds like to lead a pious life under the watchful eye of God. Even so, they definitely enjoy a night out on the town by themselves — and it seems Jill has some date night rules she likes to abide by, too.

OK! Magazine reports that Jill has three “date time” rules she likes to follow. The first is that they should go out for a change of scenery, so date nights at home are usually a no-go. The second rule is that she doesn’t want to have to cook or do the dishes, so going out to eat is typically something the Dillard couple might go for. And the final rule is that the kids shouldn’t be involved.

On Instagram, we’ve seen Jill and Derick on dates alone to sushi restaurants and out together to eat MarketPlace Grill’s signature “chocolate mess.” It seems they enjoy spending quality time together going out to eat more than any other activity. We’ve also seen them on group dates out to eat with friends from their church, too.

Sometimes Jill and Derick do bring along the kids, however

There are certainly times when Jill and Derick can’t get a night off from the kids — so in this instance, it appears Jill’s “no kids” rule can be broken for date night. And, since Jill has stated before that she’s ready to have as many kids as God will allow her to have, it seems bringing children along for dates is something she should get used to.

We recall last September when Derick posted this photo on Instagram of their two little boys in a shopping cart. It turns out the family went on an outing to the retail giant Sam’s Club. “Going on a date to Sam’s can definitely work! There’s food and even entertainment for the little ones! #datetime #babysitterincluded #brothers#bestbuds,” Derick captioned the post. And it turns out some of the Dillard’s fans were also in agreement that Sam’s Club made for the perfect date night. As one commenter said, “Sam’s hot dogs are the best! The brand name is Nathens.” And another seconded, “Sometimes you get whatever time together you can.”

The couple spends time together whenever (and wherever) possible

While Jill evidently likes to get out on the town for her dates, the two certainly seem like they’re able to be flexible with how their date nights go. Derick has even posted photos of Jill attending law school classes with him. On one Instagram photo, he captioned it with, “Glad my favorite study buddy @jillmdillard was able to come to class yesterday! You’ve gotta find alone time (no kids) whenever you can!”

Fans are quick to judge Jill for spending time with Derick while he’s in class — and OK! Magazine notes many have even called her too clingy. Derick never seems to mind, though — and most of us are just hoping for even more date-night details via their Instagrams in the future.

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