What Do Jim Bob and Michelle Think of Jana Duggar Still Being Single?

Her younger siblings are all getting married and having babies, but that doesn’t appear to bother Jana Duggar one bit. The 29-year-old eldest daughter of the family seems content to live at home and tend for her plants. Though rumors of Jana Duggar courting tend to pop up every couple of weeks, she continues to swat them down and reiterate her contentment to stay single for now.

Jana Duggar may be fine with being single, but what about her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar? Are they happy that their daughter Jana still hasn’t settled down and gave them more grandbabies?

Jana Duggar is following family rules

The Duggars do things differently than most other people do, which is part of what made them famous in the first place. One thing that’s drastically unique is how unmarried children live at home with their parents until they get married no matter how old they are.

Jana Duggar may be 29, but she’s still living at home with her parents as they expect of her. There’s a good chance Jim Bob and Michelle would be less supportive of her single lifestyle if Jana chose to move out and get her own apartment somewhere.

She helps out with the family

One other reason Jana is still more than welcome in her family home is that she helps out with her younger siblings. In larger families, it’s common for older siblings to assist their parents with the younger kids. In the Duggar household? It’s a necessity.

Jana Duggar
Jana Duggar and her siblings | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Jana doesn’t have a full-time job but she does lend her time and talent to homeschooling her brothers and sisters still living at home plus helping out with domestic tasks like cooking, laundry, and cleaning. For those reasons, her parents are very grateful to have her living there.

Jana hasn’t found her perfect match yet

It’s true that most Duggar daughters get married in their early 20s, which makes Jana somewhat of a late bloomer. But it could be that she’s holding out until she finds the right man to settle down with.

Since Duggars don’t believe in divorce, there’s extra pressure to find the right person to spend their lives with. Jana only has one chance to get this right. It makes total sense that she’d be picky about who she’d eventually marry.

She may not want to have many children

One natural consequence of marrying later in life is that Jana won’t have as many children. This might be intentional on her part—if Jana has no desire to have an extra-large family like her mother, then waiting to marry is a good tactic that doesn’t violate the rules of her religion.

Duggars don’t believe in using birth control or other unnatural preventative measures to limit their family sizes. But marrying late is natural birth control in its own way.

Jim Bob and Michelle support their daughter’s decision

Critics have questioned Jim Bob’s method of setting up and approving courtships for his kids. But one thing he doesn’t do is force his kids to marry anyone they don’t approve of. Unlike forced or arranged marriages, the Duggar kids always have the final say when choosing a life partner.

There’s a good chance Jana Duggar will get married eventually. But for now she’s happy to live her life husband and kid-free!