What Do John Mulaney and Shep Rose from ‘Southern Charm’ Have in Common?

When Shep Rose from Southern Charm decided to become a dog dad he went with the always expressive French Bulldog to become his companion.

Although his family is known for creating the Boykin Spaniel, Rose went rogue with his choice of canine. He told Showbiz Cheat Sheet he couldn’t resist the breed’s quirky personality. “My friend has one and he has house parties, and I just loved his little dog,” he shared. “He had such a funny personality and everyone was drawn to him.”

Shep Rose
Shep Rose | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, for HBO

Rose aptly named his new puppy Craig after cast member, Craig Conover. Since the adoption, Craig has taken over Rose’s Instagram and now even has his own account. Rose was right about the French Bulldog’s personality too. Craig appears to be playful but certainly opinionated and always expressive. A lot like this other famous French Bulldog …

Maybe Craig should meet Petunia

Like Rose, comedian John Mulaney and his wife Annamarie Tendler Mulaney couldn’t resist the expressiveness of a French Bulldog. The couple are parents to Petunia, who too has plenty of opinions.

Mulaney has shared a number of adventures the couple has with Petunia, who apparently is from France and chain smokes. She runs the household and taunts the couple if they dare try to train her.  “Oh, the things I have seen, you c**ksucker,” he lamented as Petunia in his 2015 standup. “You have no idea. The Gestapo threw my printing press into a river. But, go, tell your f**king jokes. Bring me my dish.”

Like Petunia, Craig also leans toward his French roots.  “He loves French fries and food in general,” Rose dished. “Also, loves the beach. He hates being alone, like some of us humans. He’s a wild man, loves people and being in the middle of things. And he’s mischievous. So he’s like me and Craig in that regard.”

Both pups have entertaining Instagram accounts

Petunia has a head start, but both comedic pups have an Instagram account. Petunia often likes to share her disgust and annoyance with cats in particular.  “Honestly how am I even supposed to respond if you insist on speaking in a different language?” she asserts as a cat dared to try to communicate. She also clearly has to exercise patience with her humans too. “Well if I hide under this table you can’t put my leash on, so in a way the joke is on you,” Petunia joked, clearly winning.

Craig just started his account but he’s racking up the followers. He currently has 75,000 fans. But he still has a long way before he can catch up to Petunia’s nearly 140,000 followers. Like Petunia, he is often dressed in a sharp outfit he’s not overly sure about. “At first i was a bit embarrassed by the outfits,” he posted to Instagram wearing a smart sweater. “But hell, it’s practical, fashionable…What’s not to like?”

Like Petunia, Craig enjoys sharing any passing thought. “I support this revolutionary and valid idea we could maybe do one at the French Disney land with my species,” he posted along with the idea to have a Disneyland with a 101 Dalmatian attraction that features 101 Dalmatian puppies. Craig also shared how he appreciates kids because they are both pint-sized.

Ultimately both pups just want some love. Petunia shares a number of photos snuggled up to her mama, while ribbing dad.