What Do the Kardashians Look Like Without Makeup?

For the family that’s known for amazing contouring tips and a makeup empire, it’s no surprise that we rarely see the Kardashians without makeup. These women have taken the beauty industry by storm, endorsing everything from hair extensions to self-tanners. Teens all over the world latch onto every bit of beauty advice, tips, and tricks these women put on the internet.

But, we all want to know, what do the Kardashian’s look like without makeup? In this article, we’re going to go over a few female members of the family and explain their complicated relationship with beauty products.

Kim Kardashian West

Although Kim is known for keeping the smile off her face in photos, she does usually wear quite a bit of makeup. Even in pictures that are tagged #nomakeup, she is usually wearing a bit of lipgloss or mascara. Kim has been open with the public about her battle with psoriasis, a condition that leads to dry skin patches and red, itchy blotches.

However, she uses the condition to her benefit. It makes her seem more relatable to the average woman, and she offers skin tips and makeup tricks to cover it, positioning herself as a beauty expert.

Kourtney Kardashian

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With her gorgeously sculpted eyebrows, Kourtney is beautiful with or without makeup. A healthy diet may be the reason Kourtney doesn’t appear to need much makeup. She’s known as the health guru in the family, and that lends to glowing skin and bright eyes.

She tends to go for a lighter, more natural makeup look and has been very open about her skincare routine. Kourtney often uploads how-to videos to YouTube, in order to share her beauty routine with the world. Sometimes she posts tips that seem a little weird, but appear to really work.

She’s also known for her lifestyle and beauty site, Poosh, which some have compared to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop.

Kylie Jenner

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Kylie is known for her multi-million dollar beauty company, Kylie Cosmetics. A makeup line most famous for its extensive line of wear lip. She even had her success featured in Forbes.

But even beauty moguls sometimes take off their makeup– and we have to say, she looks great when she does. Because of her young age and fresh, dewy skin, Kylie is gorgeous, with or without makeup.

Caitlyn Jenner

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Caitlyn, who has only worn makeup publicly since 2015 when she transitioned, is still often seen without makeup, and she looks great. But Caitlyn admitted publicly back in 2015 that she struggled with her image for a long time and actually stole makeup from her then wife Kris.

At one point, according to ET, Caitlyn said, “I’m telling you Kris, this girl thing is a lot of work.” However, Caitlyn has since become a beauty icon in her own right and not to be left behind from the other makeup moguls in the family, Caitlyn has her own collection of makeup from MAC.

The Kardashian all have a long a complicated history with makeup and beauty products. From struggling with skin conditions and gender identity, to becoming beauty icons and multi-million dollar makeup moguls. These women make it look fabulous.

They’re a beauty inspiration for the rest of us and their struggles only make them seem more relatable. We love getting a glimpse of the Kardashians without makeup, but they don’t often allow us to see this part of them. When they do though, it only makes it that much more exciting. Beneath the glamorous facade they put on each day, are real women, just like the rest of us.