What Does Alex Rodriguez Cook for Jennifer Lopez?

What is it about celebrities that makes us want to know everything about them? Where do they go, who do they know, and what do they eat? Jennifer Lopez has always been the focus of public fascination, but she recently was in the spotlight for her extreme diet.

When it comes to celebrity diets, there is an even greater fascination. Fans want to know what they need to do to look like their favorite celebrity. JLo isn’t always on her zero-carb diet, so what does the singer indulge in and what special treat does Alex Rodriguez make for her?

Jennifer Lopez cut carbs to prepare for a movie

The actress/singer sat down with Ellen DeGeneres recently and naturally the topic of her 10-day challenge came up. Lopez says the idea to complete the challenge (in which she would consumer zero carbs or sugar) came from her trainer. Lopez was preparing to star in a movie where she would play a stripper and she knew the role would require some pretty skimpy outfits.

Lopez says she loves carbs and before the challenge, that was most of her diet. Her trainer suggested cutting out all carbs. Although the challenge was frightening (Lopez was nervous when she found out she would be going cold turkey), she said that doing it allowed her to see her addiction to carbs.

Lopez continues to watch carbs

Though the challenge was hard, Lopez said she felt great doing it. She said that her trainer suggested she take five days off and then complete another challenge. Lopez told DeGeneres she was excited about starting a new challenge. And even though she was addicted to carbs she said the challenge brought about a new addiction, “… it takes down the inflammation a little bit. So all of a sudden you start feeling really small and less swollen almost. It feels good. And then you get addicted to that feeling too.”

While JLo enjoyed the challenge, Rodriguez was not as big of a fan. At the conclusion of the challenge, the pair famously indulged in the most epic carb-filled feast. Their dinner included multiple pizzas, french fries, chicken wings, and a large selection of desserts. We’re guessing Rodriguez has no plans to keep on the carb-free diet given his “Top this” caption on his photo of the meal.

Alex Rodriguez gives us a sneak peek at what’s for dinner

Thanks to A-Rod’s new YouTube channel, fans are getting an inside look at the couple’s life. At the end of the former baseball player’s first video, Rodriguez showed viewers what he was cooking for dinner. Salad, Kobe beef, mushrooms, salmon, and quinoa were all on the menu.

But what about dessert? Is Lopez still off carbs? For this meal, it looks like Lopez will indulge in sweets. Rodriguez made chocolate chip cookies for dessert, a treat that he said is “specifically for Jennifer.” Lopez revealed in 2014 that she eats a cookie almost every single day. Looks like that’s one sweet she just can’t cut for good.

Rodriguez has the cooking bug

No matter what her diet, Lopez can count on her beau to cook something up for her.  Rodriguez revealed that he’s been cooking a lot lately. In addition to steak and salad, Rodriguez cooks up a pretty mean scrambled egg. In a round of pictures posted to Instagram last Christmas, the couple was seen enjoying breakfast at the stove. We don’t know about you, but given the savory ingredients and the smile on Lopez’s face, it looks like Rodriguez is pretty good in the kitchen.