What Does Ariana Grande Think of Pete Davidson Dating Kate Beckinsale?

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande attends the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall on August 20, 2018 in New York City
Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande | Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for MTV

For the past few weeks, rumors surrounding Pete Davidson dating British actress Kate Beckinsale have been circulating through media outlets.

Though the two have yet to confirm their relationship, Davidson’s ex-fiancée, Ariana Grande, is perfectly okay with him moving on with someone else.

The singer recently revealed what she thought about Pete Davidson’s new relationship and doesn’t have a problem with her ex moving on.

Ariana Grande approves of the new relationship

Just last month, Pete Davidson was spotted for the first time getting cozy with Kate Beckinsale.

The two met during The Golden Globes Afterparty and were spotted on multiple instances throughout the night looking comfortable as they got to know one another.

Pete Davidson (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images) | Kate Beckinsale (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for InStyle)

After the event, Davidson and Beckinsale went their separate ways and were not spotted together again until recently.

Last week, the two were seen leaving a comedy club together after Davidson’s performed a stand-up set.

Paparazzi caught the two celebrities holding hands as they exited the venue. It had been revealed that they went to Davidson’s hotel and stayed there for the remainder of the night.

On February 6, Ariana Grande was confronted by paparazzi asking her what she thought of Davidson’s new relationship.

As the singer was leaving One Radio Networks in Westwood, California, a TMZ photographer asked, “Do you think Pete and Kate Beckinsale make a good couple, Ariana?”

Grande simply replied, “So cute!!”

Davidson and Grande are moving on

Since calling of their engagement back in October, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have been going on with their own lives.

Even though Davidson went through a rough patch in the beginning, the Saturday Night Live comedian is getting back into the dating scene.

After moving out of Grande’s New York City penthouse and back in with his mom after their breakup, Pete Davidson had a pretty tough time coping with the split.

Fans continuously blamed Davidson for the breakup and the comedian was getting a ton of hate on social media.

With all of the hateful comments Pete Davidson was receiving, the comedian raised concern after sharing an alarming post insinuating he wanted to end his life.

Friends and family immediately stepped in and tried their best to help Pete Davidson cope with the demons he was facing.

After surrounding himself with people who care for him, Pete Davidson was getting better and has since jumped back into the dating pool.

Even though Davidson and Kate Beckinsale are just having a fling and aren’t expecting this relationship to go far, they have been said to really be enjoying each other’s company.

Is it just a fling?

According to a source, Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale are not looking to get serious with each other.

With both of them just getting out of relationships, the two just want to enjoy each other’s company for the time being.

“Kate’s not looking to get serious with someone,” the source told PEOPLE. “She wants to have fun with guys and date around.”

Kate Beckinsale has had her fair share of relationships with younger men and loves the attention she gets from those men.

“Kate is a lot of fun and loves embracing her youthful side,” a source revealed. “She’s always the life of the party and likes going out, dancing and hanging out around young people at hip places.”

Davidson and Beckinsale are keeping things casual for the time being and will continue to help each other get over past relationships.