What Does Ben Affleck Think About Jennifer Lopez’s No Carb and Sugar Diet?

We’ve seen a lot of troubles for Ben Affleck recently that we’ve all been rooting for him to overcome. While we hope he’s conquered his demons, it appears he’s turned over a new leaf based on his recent weight loss. What we didn’t expect is he’d take health advice from Jennifer Lopez.

Then again, we shouldn’t be surprised since some forget they were engaged to be married before Affleck called off their wedding 15 years ago. Apparently there wasn’t any hard feelings with JLo, because Affleck just took her advice on using her weight loss plan.

What did he think of this new diet challenge? It was positive, with caveats.

What is this new diet plan JLo uses?

The secret behind JLo staying in great shape has been a no carb and sugar diet. Some dieticians will carp over the details of this dietary guideline, even if eliminating sugar is agreed by every dietitian in the world.

Whatever you think should entail a healthy meal, this diet has worked well for Lopez. You can’t argue how it works considering she looks 20 years younger than most other 50-year-olds when combined with intense workouts.

She’s sworn by this diet plan so strongly, she imposed a national 10-Day Challenge earlier this year to dare others to do the same. Her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez decided to take it on himself.

One thing learned was the challenge isn’t easy to sustain.

How did the diet plan work for Ben Affleck?

When interviewed by Extra recently, Affleck revealed he tried JLo’s 10-Day Challenge to get himself in shape for a new Netflix movie he’s starring in (Triple Frontier). It did work, but it wasn’t something he was able to keep doing.

The weakness to this diet is you have to eliminate things you normally love to consume. It means you can’t eat anything with sugar, including no carbs like bread.

For most people, this is almost impossible. Affleck ended up falling back on the diet and devoured bagels later, he said.

Still, we find it gratifying he took some dietary advice from one of his exes.

Affleck’s co-star Oscar Isaac uses a specific diet technique

Ben Affleck
Actor Ben Affleck | Roy Rochlin/WireImage

During the Extra interview, Oscar Isaac joined Affleck to discuss their Netflix movie Triple Frontier. Isaac mentioned he does an on again/off again fasting diet to help him get in shape for films. Unfortunately, he says this brings zero results on weight, even if it does wash impurities out of your system temporarily.

Seeing these A-list stars struggle with fad diets gives yet another warning about these plans since most mean falling off the wagon eventually.

At least Affleck’s fallback involved eating just three bagels. A-Rod ended up devouring a massive table full of junk food, proving how risky diets like this are in going back to even worse eating habits.

Even JLo couldn’t stay on her own diet

Yes, even JLo couldn’t resist going on a junk food binge with A-Rod once the 10-Day Challenge was over. Nevertheless, it hasn’t stopped her from wanting to do the 10-Day Challenge again. Knowing her, she will, but how healthy is it, really?

Is just eating what you want in moderation the better diet plan nobody ever seems to try first? Health experts agree that when you deprive yourself of certain carbs and sugars, you can do more harm than good.

Most health pros say the Mediterranean Diet is the best type of diet plan out there since you’re not depriving yourself of specific nutrients and able to enjoy good food.

We’re still impressed Affleck is taking action on his health, even if we know bumps are still inevitable until finding smooth sledding.