What Does BTS Do While They’re on Vacation?

Even the biggest boy band in the world needs some rest and relaxation. After months of performing in stadiums across the globe, BTS is back in South Korea and on a break from touring. What do members like Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope do in their free time? Here’s what BTS is up to during their time off from touring.

RM of BTS | Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

RM of BTS frequently visits museums and exhibits

Aside from hopefully getting some much-needed rest, the BTS boys keep themselves busy while on “vacation” from touring. In the few weeks that they’ve been home, BTS premiered the video for their campaign with UNICEF and a teaser for their recently released film, Bring The Soul: The Movie. Individually, the group members are exploring other passions.

It’s no secret that RM is an actual genius, with an IQ of 148. While spending time away from the group, Namjoon gets to put his “sexy brain” to good use, often visiting museums and pop-up exhibits. This July, RM visited an art gallery in Cheonan, where he looked at exhibits regarding the human body and other figures.

BTS | Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for SiriusXM

V and Jungkook spent time with their friends from home

After months of touring worldwide, the boys are sure to miss their friends and family. A few members posted pictures on BTS’ Twitter of them grabbing dinner and hanging out with friends. That includes Jungkook, and V. V captioned his photo, “you worked hard,” according to the fans’ translation. Additionally, V is probably off taking pictures somewhere. This July, the artist shared photographs from people like Hannes Becker, Alex Strohl, and Callum Snape on the BTS Twitter account.

Conversely, Worldwide Handsome Jin spent time out on nature, tweeting pictures of himself surrounded by trees. Although not much is known about Suga’s time off, some fans speculate he might be producing music for other artists.

The BTS boys visited the Weverse ‘Army With Letter’ booth in Seoul

A few weeks ago, the BTS members created a place where fans can come together and leave them notes. The “Army With Letter” booth popped up in Seoul, but fans could also leave messages on their official fan community, called Weverse. The goal, according to their website, was to create the “longest letter in the world by ARMY.” Of course, the BTS members joined in the letter-writing.

They left notes for their fans along the side of the booth. Some messages include, “thank you for all your precious words” and “your hope, J-Hope visited here,” according to one fan on Twitter.

BTS' fan
BTS’ fan | AURORE MESENGE/AFP/Getty Images

They’re celebrating the release of their film, ‘Bring The Soul: The Movie’

One of BTS’ most recent projects, Bring the Soul: The Movie, premiered worldwide on August 7, 2019. Before, the group members recorded a message for their fans, encouraging them to head to the theaters for the group’s third full-length movie.

“Let’s all meet at the cinema on August seventh,” Jungkook said. That’s what some army members did, reserving tickets days in advance for the screening.

BTS’ newest film, Bring the Soul: The Movie, is playing in select theaters across the globe.