What Does Captain Lee From ‘Below Deck’ Do When He’s off Duty?

BELOW DECK — Season:6 — Pictured: Captain Lee Rosbach — (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo)

The Below Deck crew gets plenty of airtime when they are off duty. From taking small side trips to see the gorgeous landscape to getting drunk at a local bar, viewers have a pretty good idea what the crew does during their downtime.

However, fans aren’t as privy to seeing what the ship’s captain is up to while trying to relax. Captain Lee Rosbach is especially private and elusive as he is typically seen at work. Luckily he allowed Bravo to document a few things he does when he’s off duty. Here is Captain Lee After Dark!

He irons

Even though the interior staff typically irons Rosbach’s clothing, he likes to ensure his threads are always in ship shape (so to speak). “When I’m ironing my uniform at night it kinda helps me relax and refocus my mind,” he says. “And then I think about all these a**hole hipsters who think it’s o.k. to wear male rompers. What’s a male romper!?”

Rosbach says he gets all worked up thinking about how dumb are male rompers. So then he needs to find something to iron again to chill out.

Exercise is important

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Another way Rosbach relaxes is through exercise. He told curious Twitter users about his typical routine. “I keep it pretty simple, weights and cardio daily. A different muscle group each day until I cover them all, and 7 + miles on the bike in under 30 min. When the reps get to easy, add weight, and when I reach 7 miles to easy, add a gear. Followed by protien shake for breakie.”

Rosback also demonstrates on Captain Lee After Dark how he performs a few arm curls using tension bands. And adds that exercise simply makes him feel good after he is finished.

He reflects on sea traditions

Rosbach is shown removing a few pieces of gold jewelry from his wrist. He explains why those at sea wore gold jewelry. “Legends has it that pirates and sailors wore gold jewelry so if they died and washed up on a beach somewhere, the gold on their wrist could be used as payment to ensure a proper funeral,” he says.

He adds if someone pulls the jewelry off his wrist, he’d better have a damn good funeral!

Rosbach shaves at night

Some men prefer to shave in the morning, but not Rosbach. “A few people have asked me why do I shave at night,” Rosbach says. “And I always give them the same answer:  mind your own godd**ned business!” He adds, while the response is direct and blunt he’d rather be well groomed than courteous and disheveled. Mic drop.

He also rocks out

Who knew Rosbach was an accomplished guitarist? While he insists he doesn’t play as well as Eric Clapton he also knows Clapton can’t do what he does on a regular basis. “Just because groupies don’t throw their underwear at me after I do my job, doesn’t mean it is any less cool,” Rosbach says.

Is he watching ‘Below Deck?’

Rosbach won’t reveal what he’s watching at night (if he’s watching any television), but he does make one spot on observation about why pirates might have trouble watching T.V. “Probably because having a hook for a hand would make it a real pain in the ass to use the remote,” he observes. He’s not exactly wrong about that.

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