What Does Jennifer Lopez Really Think About Alex Rodriguez’s Cheating Gossip?

Every couple goes through challenges, and celebrity couples possibly even more so. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been together for over two years, and just got engaged, but in the days since the big announcement, the famous pair have had to deal with their fair share of drama involving cheating accusations.

What caused the cheating gossip?

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez got engaged during a stunning getaway to the Bahamas and wasted no time sharing their good news with the world. While thousands of people reached out to the couple and wished them well, there was one person who definitely didn’t bask in the same glow. On March 10th, Jose Canseco, a former New York Yankees player, started posting on Twitter, accusing Alex Rodriguez of cheating on Lopez with Canseco’s ex-wife.

Canseco continued his Twitter rant, claiming he was there when Rodriguez allegedly started texting Canseco’s ex-wife, a “few months back.” He even offered to take a lie detector test in order to prove the validity of his claims. This is not the first time that Jose Canseco has gone after Alex Rodriguez – in the past, Conseco has claimed that Rodriguez flirted with his wife even before they were married, and he mentioned that he suspects Rodriguez of steroid abuse.

Interestingly enough, Jessica Canseco, the ex-wife in question, spoke out following the Twitter rant, and said that not only was there definitely no inappropriate relationship between her and Rodriguez, she hadn’t even seen him in over five years. She went on to state that she is friendly with both Rodriguez and Lopez. She even took a stab at Canseco’s sanity when she said that he could keep “playing with his alien friends.”

How J-Lo fired back at Jose Canseco

Up until recently, Lopez hadn’t spoken out about Jose Canseco’s cheating accusations. However, on the morning of April 10th, Lopez went on the popular radio show, “The Breakfast Club,” and was directly asked how she felt about the accusations. Lopez’s answer was immediate. She said that Canseco’s remarks, “don’t matter.” She stated that she knows what the truth is, as does Rodriguez, and that they are completely at ease with each other since they both know what their relationship is.

Lopez and Rodriguez aren’t wasting time with the cheating gossip

It certainly seems that Lopez is unfazed by Canseco’s claims, and likely isn’t wasting any time thinking about it. There is certainly no evidence presented that Rodriguez ever cheated on Lopez. As for Canseco’s offer of taking a lie detector test, unfortunately for him, polygraphs don’t really hold water in court. Lie detector tests only monitor a subject’s heart rate, which indicates stress level rather than whether they are “lying.” So even if someone did take Canseco up on his offer to get hooked up to a polygraph machine, no one would likely take the results seriously one way or another.

More importantly, Rodriguez and Lopez seem to have no time for the accusations. According to all reports, they are completely happy with each other and their relationship and don’t have space in their lives for drama. Both of them have been married before (Jennifer Lopez has been engaged four times and walked down the aisle three times already), and they are focused on what is important- their family, and their work. Plus, they are in the process of planning their wedding, and while they haven’t released any details about the ceremony, it is sure to be a grand occasion. For the world’s biggest celebrity couple, fending off cheating rumors with grace and dignity is just another day on the job.