What Does Kate Beckinsale Like Best About Pete Davidson?

We’ve covered Pete Davidson extensively here over the last year for reasons that have everything not to do with his own career and comedy. While he deserves to have more written about his comedic talents, we continually read stories analyzing his celebrated relationship with Ariana Grande, the controversial aftermath, plus his serious struggles with depression.

After many words written and worries about his mental health, it’s gratifying to see Davidson rebound with someone. Now it’s Kate Beckinsale, someone we wouldn’t have guessed in a million years would link up with Davidson.

When you look at their budding relationship, though, it’s interesting to see what Beckinsale sees in Davidson. His basic temperament proves a lot.

Davidson and Beckinsale just took things further


If you’ve been paying attention to the media recently, you probably saw the pic of Davidson and Beckinsale kissing in the audience during a New York Rangers hockey game. Social media jokes exploded about the reactions of people sitting near them, including Antoni Porowski.

Outside the countless mocking memes of the Davidson-Beckinsale PDA, others might look at it as a lesson in what a couple looks for before diving into a romance.

Beckinsale clearly sees something in Davidson we don’t always openly see considering he’s always “on” as a comedic performer at public events.

Anyone with a sense of humor usually wins

Elle recently covered the Davidson-Beckinsale relationship and found out some interesting things. First, Beckinsale reportedly doesn’t want to get too serious and just wants to have some fun with guys for now.

She also reportedly loves Davidson’s comedic abilities, not including being a sweet and nice guy behind the scenes. You’ll find some sense in this since it seems most of our best comedians are much more serious and friendly when not on camera.

A lot of Davidson’s comedy is acerbic and almost of the insult variety at times. Then again, he also falls under the self-deprecating kind of comedy we’ve seen with Conan O’Brien.

The latter category is likely attractive to Beckinsale when you contemplate how many A-list males she’s likely been involved with who take themselves too seriously.

Davidson showed a sweet side to Ariana Grande

Let’s not forget about the appeal Davidson generated with Ariana Grande, even if some people found it a mystery. According to reports, he asked her permission before asking to kiss her. How many guys in today’s showbiz world would do such a thing?

It’s further proof comedians like Davidson have a whole other persona beyond the world of comedy. Considering how much struggle he’s gone through, he likely sees life a lot differently than most. There isn’t any way he looks at real life like a joke with careless actions.

Grande said she found it sexy Davidson asked for permission before their first kiss. Here’s a good lesson to fellow guys discovering this news for the first time.

Beckinsale is defending the Davidson age gap

Yes, it’s true that there’s a 20-year age gap between Davidson and Beckinsale. Considering Beckinsale still looks like she’s in her 20s, there isn’t any physical disparity.

Beckinsale is also quick to defend herself in her relationship. She’s helping to prove we never truly know a person unless you spend quality time with them. Being involved with Davidson may be a lot more stable than the persona he gives off of being a mess and always living on the edge.

Evidence is also strong she likes to hang out with comedians. All the scientific proof of people being attracted to those who make us laugh is ably on display here, no matter the age involved.

Thankfully, Beckinsale knows how to snap back at criticisms, even if doing so on the internet is like shooting into the wind.