What Does Kate Middleton Do When She’s Not Busy With Royal Duties?

Kate Middleton lives a great deal of her life in front of the cameras. She always looks amazing and is a natural at everything she does. Although we may not realize it, the Duchess of Cambridge has much going on behind the scenes as well.

While we usually see her at official engagements and events, greeting royal fans and meeting with important people, there is much more to Kate Middleton’s life. Let’s take a step back and see what Kate does when she is not busy with her royal duties.

She is a devoted mom to three small children

Above all, Kate is a mother, and she makes it clear that her children come first. George, age five, Charlotte, age three, and Louis, who is almost one year old, are the children that she shares with Prince William. Kate does activities with them, such as cooking with George, reading with Charlotte, and taking long walks with Louis.

She encourages them to participate in fun games that she enjoyed as a child, and she never hesitates to play right along beside them. Kate simply adores her children, and they are the main priority in her life. What a great mom Kate is!

Kate loves being sporty

So that’s one of the secrets behind her enviable figure! Kate has always been a true athlete at heart, and she continues that activity by taking jogs around the grounds of Kensington Palace.

She has also been known to use the pool at Buckingham Palace, and she uses the private gym at Kensington whenever she has the time. In addition, Kate has been known to enjoy tennis, skiing, and diving. A lot of people don’t know that she also enjoys yoga as well. Looks like she and Meghan Markle have something to bond over.

The Duchess of Cambridge values family time

Recently, Kate told a young royal fan how much she cherishes time with her family. Will and Kate, along with the kids, and the family dog, Lupo, spend a lot of time together, sharing stories, engaging in activities, and just enjoying the time that they have.

Whether they are together at Kensington Palace in London or spending time with Kate’s family in the village of Bucklebury, the family makes the most of it at each and every chance they get!

She loves to cook

Kate is quite an expert in the kitchen, and she enjoys creating mouth-watering dishes for her family. The Duchess likes to prepare meals with healthy ingredients, although she does indulge in baking the occasional treat for herself, William, and the children. It would appear as if Kate knows the perfect way to have her family gather around the table and enjoy a wonderful meal together.

Kate has many family recipes that she enjoys whipping up for everyone. In fact, one of the first things that Kate ever gifted William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II with was a jar of her homemade chutney! 

Kate has an artistic side

Kate Middleton
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge is quite artistic, and she uses that talent to her advantage! Kate participates in arts and crafts projects with her kids, and she even does some sketching as a hobby. She is said to be quite creative and enjoys passing these skills along to her children. After all, Kate did study art history in college, so it is no surprise that this is one of her favorite pastimes. She truly enjoys photography and has taken a few amazing photographs of her children in recent years.

While royal engagements keep her extremely busy, Kate knows the importance of making time for the things she loves! This is one of the aspects of her life that makes her so relatable, and makes us realize she is like the rest of us in so many ways!