What Does Meghan Markle Do When She’s Not Attending to Royal Duties?

Meghan Markle is living a real-life fairy tale! She married a prince, is living in a palace, and has a life that most people can only dream of. When Meghan steps out for royal engagements, she always looks absolutely perfect from head to toe.

In addition, the Duchess of Sussex is always perfectly poised, proving that she is a total natural at living the royal life. Meghan makes royal life look so simple that it is almost easy to forget that she has a life behind the scenes as well. So, what does Meghan Markle do in the time when she is not busy with her royal duties?

She does yoga

Meghan is dedicated to yoga, and she makes the time to do it just about every day. It is well-known that she and Prince Harry’s new home at Frogmore Cottage will have a state of the art yoga studio, but for now, Meghan finds the space at Nottingham Cottage to do her favorite poses. It no doubt helps the Duchess feel great and puts her in a wonderful state of mind for the rest of the day.

Meghan chats with friends

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Even with her busy royal schedule, Meghan knows just how important her friendships are. She is always there for her friends, and she makes a habit of talking to them as much as possible. It is even more important for Meghan to keep in touch with her inner circle now that she is living in England since she obviously doesn’t see her close friends as much as she used to. However, Meghan certainly realizes that even with the distance between them, her friends are only a phone call away!

Meghan goes shopping

Although Meghan has assistants who would be more than happy to pick up whatever she needs at the store, the Duchess enjoys shopping for herself and her husband whenever she has the time. She is known to throw on jeans and a baseball hat and head to the market to pick out whatever fresh groceries she needs to prepare an amazing meal for herself and Harry. While walking through the streets of London, Meghan has even been seen stopping to buy a bunch of flowers to add to the decor at the cozy home she shares with her prince!

She indulges in spa treatments

Meghan’s skin is perfectly flawless, and now we know why! The Duchess of Sussex often makes the time to head to her favorite London spa to give her skin the royal treatment that it deserves. Chances are, she allows for as much relaxation as possible while she is there, perhaps enjoying a massage and maybe a manicure and pedicure as well. What a great way for Meghan to have some time to herself while she can rejuvenate and regroup before her next engagement.

Meghan binge-watches her favorite television shows

Whether by herself or with Harry, Meghan enjoys curling up in front of the television when time allows! Being a Duchess certainly doesn’t mean that Meghan doesn’t enjoy sitting back and catching up on her favorite shows. Meghan has said in the past that she enjoys quiet time at home, as it allows her to spend quality time with her husband and prepare for the busy days to come.

As we can see, Meghan is just like the rest of us in many ways! When she is not busy with her royal duties, she often spends her days doing things that anyone else would be doing, making her one of the most down to earth members of the royal family. As if we needed yet another reason to simply adore the Duchess of Sussex!