What Does Priyanka Chopra’s Tattoo Mean?

Priyanka Chopra is a goddess on the silver screen with a ton of talent to spare. Not only does she act, but she is a singer, film producer, and the drop dead gorgeous winner of the Miss World 2000 pageant. It was the pageant that really got Chopra noticed. After stealing the stage, she went on to appear in a few movies before finally making her big splash.

Fans saw a lot of her in the pageant; her skin was absolutely flawless. But in more recent years she decided to adorn her flesh with a “permanent” mark. It’s not in an unassuming place either! The tattoo that Mrs. Jonas got adorns her right wrist. Sure she could cover it with makeup and long sleeves, but that little mark is far too important for that!

What inspired Priyanka Chopra to get the tattoo?

Chopra didn’t just go out and get a random tattoo. She had an extremely close relationship with her father, Ashok Chopra. Sadly, he passed away in 2013 after a lengthy battle with cancer. The senior Chopra had been facing the disease since 2008. During his rough times, the talented beauty set all of her work on the back burner. Instead, she focused all of her energy into praying for his recovery. 

In a 2018 interview withHarper’s BAZAAR, Chopra shined a light on just how close she was with her dear old dad. 

“I was very close to my father. Losing my dad changed me in a big way. I think it created a space in my heart which is empty, and it’s always going to be. My dad was my biggest fan, my biggest supporter. He loved my achievements, he was a major achiever himself. He was a very creative person. So just losing that and losing his insight on my life. I used to be angry with him after he died, I felt abandoned.”

The heartfelt statement shows just how much of an impact her father had on her life, and just how big of a deal his death was for her. Considering their extremely close relationship, it’s no surprise that the beautiful Indian actress decided to get a memento to remind her, and the world around her, of the one nearest and dearest to her heart. 

What does the tattoo mean?

Chopra was obviously very shaken up going through the trauma associated with her father’s sickness. Once she got her thoughts together, she went out to a tattoo shop to get something that would stay with her forever. The tattoo on her right wrist reads “Daddy’s lil girl.” While it may just look like a few scribbles there is something extra special about the tattoo; it’s in her father’s handwriting!

She got inked in 2012, a year before her father lost his battle with cancer. The tattoo isn’t just a reminder to her, but a memento that shows that Chopra isn’t just beautiful on the outside, but a beautiful person on the inside as well. 

Does Chopra have any other tattoos or piercings?

It appears that the only tattoo that the beautiful Chopra has is the one dedicated to her dad. If she does have any other tattoos, she’s managed to keep them a secret despite being a bombshell on the big screen. Hollywood level makeup could easily keep a tattoo under wraps during her performances, and her time on the pageant stage is the same. But candid photos haven’t revealed any other tattoos on her body!

Despite not having any other ink, Chopra does sport a piercing. She has a navel ring that she got long ago during her rebellious years. Despite time passing, she hasn’t gotten rid of the fashionable adornment. In an interview with Times of India Chopra said,

“In one moment of madness, I went ahead and got my belly button pierced. I was sh*tting bricks later. I got hold of a friend and went over and told my mother about it. I knew she would freak out. But once things cooled down, my father even got me the diamond I wear. And I’m happy to show it off.”

While she did get the piercing during a rebellious streak, it’s easy to see that she reps anything to do with her dad with pride.