What Does Queen Elizabeth II Carry in Her Purse?

Queen Elizabeth II often changes her clothing and her hats but one item of hers rarely changes; her purse.

She’s regularly carried the same style of a Launer purse for 50 years, according to Today. The purse has simple lines with a silver emblem at the top. But what does the queen keep in her trusty purse? Find out ahead.

The queen’s Launer purse

As you can imagine, carrying the same purse style for 50 years, Queen Elizabeth II has amassed quite a collection. She’s said to own more than 200 Launer purses in the Royale and Traviata styles. Those are the black and black patent leather versions.

The queen has carried a Launer purse on many occasions including when she met President Richard Nixon and First Lady Pat Nixon in 1970. She carried the same purse again in 2000 when she greeted President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

She is known to send messages to her staff with her purse so she has to be extra careful about the placement of the bag. One wrong move and the queen could accidentally tell her staff she needs to immediately get out of a conversation when she really would like it to continue.

So, what does the queen keep in her purse? Let’s find out.


The queen carries money in her purse. Without risking a “duh” reaction, the queen of England doesn’t really need to carry cash. It’s not like she has to run to her local grocery store to pick up a few things.

The only time the queen has cash on her is on Sundays when she goes to church. She carries an ironed five or ten-pound bill in her purse. And it’s folded very particularly, showing only her face.


Not one to shy away from bright colored clothing, lipstick is no different for the queen. She’s known to rock bright colored hues on her lips. It’s one of the products she keeps in her purse so she can reapply when needed. The queen has no qualms about reapplying her lipstick in public.

She’s so fond of lipstick, she reportedly commissioned the beauty brand, Clarins, to create a special shade of lipstick to match her ceremonial robes for her coronation.

The Beautiful Colour range by  Elizabeth Arden is among the queen’s favorite shades. The brand has a Royal Warrant and doesn’t talk much about their relationship with the queen.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II
Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II | Indigo/Getty Images

However, in the past, they have confirmed working with the queen. “We work closely with Angela Kelly [the queen’s senior dresser] and her team to ensure we provide excellent service for whatever Her Majesty requires, or would like to try,” the brand told The Telegraph.

Compact mirror

What’s lipstick without a small mirror? A potential disaster, especially depending on the shade of lipstick you’re wearing. One wrong move and you’ll have lipstick all over your face.

That’s why the queen always carries a compact mirror in her handbag for lipstick touch-ups. It also comes in handy to check the rest of her look. No one, especially Queen Elizabeth II, wants a makeup malfunction or something unknowingly in her teeth.  

She also keeps a handkerchief in her handbag with the rest of her practical items.


Another practical item Queen Elizabeth II keeps with her are mints. Even though the queen famously stays away from garlic, mints are a must-have because she meets with so many people.

Reading glasses

There’s no explanation needed for these. The queen has to be able to see! Especially if she’s reading important documents.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images


Anyone who has ever been without a pen knows how valuable a commodity they can be. The queen is known to prefer a fountain pen (she keeps one on her desk in Buckingham Palace) over a ballpoint pen.

Hook and suction cup

A genius move by the queen is to keep a hook and suction cup in her purse. Instead of putting her purse on the floor — and possibly sending her staff a discrete message — she has the option to hang her purse on the hook underneath a table.

Family photos and other items

Phil Dampier, a royal author, said the queen sometimes keeps other items in her purse too. Dog treats for her beloved corgis, family photos, a penknife, newspaper crosswords, and good luck charms from her children, including miniature saddles, dogs, and horses.