What Does Ryan Seacrest Think About ‘American Idol’ Getting Renewed and the Judges Coming Back?

American Idol just finished its 17th season with Laine Hardy walking away with the winner’s title. That makes the 218th episode over an impressive 17-year time span! While the contestants and judges have come and gone with the seasons, there is one mainstay who has been there from the very beginning.

Host Ryan Seacrest has literally been wielding the mic since the show dropped on June 11th, 2002. Now that news of the show’s renewal has gone public, how does Seacrest feel about returning as the beloved American Idol emcee. 

Who will be judging the next season of ‘American Idol’?

Ryan Seacrest
Ryan Seacrest | David Becker/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Every American Idol fan remembers the iconic judges that spearheaded the show — the spicy Simon Cowell, the sweet Paula Abdul, and the suave Randy Jackson. The three judges were with the show for quite some time before moving on to bigger and better things. Ever since their departure, American Idol has made its way through several waves of judges.

The current panel consists of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie. Unlike their bickering predecessors, these musical geniuses actually appear to get along amazingly well! While their taste may differ, these three are really making the most out of their shared responsibility as judges.

“These three judges are probably the closest we’ve ever seen.” – Ryan Seacrest

With such a fun group, one that prioritizing having fun and building long-lasting friendships, Seacrest will appreciate the return of the trio. While it isn’t definite just yet, there is talk about them coming back for next season.

How do fans feel about the “new” ‘American Idol’?

American Idol has seen some changes over the years, most notably with the judge’s panel. While talent is a big part of the show, the judges are also crucial in how the series is perceived by viewers. There are many fans who watch the show no matter what, but that doesn’t keep them from having some complaints.

For one, while the chemistry between the judges is undeniable, some fans aren’t fond of Perry. It’s not that she isn’t talented, they just feel like she isn’t a good match for the role. The most damning comment is that she makes the show all about her, stealing the spotlight when it should be all about the contestants. It’s gotten to the point that some fans feel she’s ruining the show!

The second issue is that the show seems to be stuck. This is meant to be a reboot of the original, ABC is trying to retain the things that made it successful while giving it a modern spin. This sounds great on paper, but some feel they are failing on both fronts. 

But by far the biggest complaint is about the winners. Winning American Idol is no longer the “best” option for contestants. Compared to stars who made it big (Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood) many of the winners don’t actually explode into stardom like the show would have you believe. In fact, many runner-ups have actually made extremely successful careers when compared to their “idol” counterparts.

Fans may have a lot of changes they’d like to see, but for now, it looks like the show will be coming back following the same old outline. 

How does Ryan Seacrest feel about ‘American Idol’ getting renewed? 

American Idol’s premise makes it a show that’s timeless. That’s probably why it’s no surprise that it got renewed for another season. Seacrest has seen the renewal notifications come in for 17 years, but he still gets excited when the announcements go live! The confirmation helps relieve any doubts and lets him know he’ll get to emcee on one of the most watched talent competition shows on television!

Seacrest genuinely loves the show and considering he’s been doing it for just about two decades, it’s no surprise that he feels intrinsically linked to its success.