What Does Wendy Williams Do to Help Stay Healthy?

Wendy Williams, the widely regarded queen of daytime TV, has been in entertainment for over twenty years, first on radio and then on her popular talk show. Williams specializes in dishing up the hottest gossip about all the biggest stars in Hollywood and isn’t afraid to keep it real as far as her own personal opinion on issues.

Williams also makes it a policy to be transparent with her fans in terms of her own life, and how she is able to maintain a fit figure in her high-pressure career.

Wendy Williams’ unique diet

Wendy Williams is a self-proclaimed foodie and has admitted to struggling with her weight earlier in her life. The talk show host opened up in a 2017 interview about how she managed to lose 50 pounds prior to her 50th birthday, simply by eliminating a lot of fatty foods from her diet. Now, Williams tends to go back and forth between following a pescetarian diet and a vegan diet. 

In the old days of her talk show, which is now on its 10th season, Williams would often indulge in snacks like Slim Jims and cake while on the air. Now, she tends to opt for lighter treats, such as lentil soup, meatless breakfast sandwiches, kale, avocado, and cauliflower. Wendy Williams is also committed to staying healthy on the outside and treats her skin well by never skipping a moisturizing session. She is a big believer in alternative medicine as well as traditional and takes a wide variety of supplements and vitamins to help keep her feeling her best.

Williams loves exercise

Williams has long been a fan of Pilates as a way to get her heart rate up while keeping things interesting. Pilates is a popular form of exercise that involves lots of stretching and limbering-up movements, often in a fast-paced group setting. Williams admitted that she can’t keep up with the busy pace of a class, so she works with a trainer.

In spite of her commitment to a healthy lifestyle, Wendy Williams hasn’t had the easiest year, health-wise. In late 2017, she suffered a fainting episode while filming her show, and shortly thereafter, took a three-week break due to complications from Graves disease, a condition that she has long suffered from. Thanks to a team of doctors, including her longtime friend Dr. Oz, Williams was able to make a full recovery and return to fighting form. Then, in late 2018, Williams was forced to take an extended leave of absence from her show. Her statement mentioned that she needed to take some time away in order to focus on her health and to make a full recovery – it seemed like Graves disease was causing more complications for the beloved talk show host.

Her latest health struggle

When Williams returned to her show in early March 2019, she spoke out about the other issues that had been plaguing her. In front of her live audience, and viewers all around the world, Williams admitted that she still struggled with substance abuse. To everyone’s surprise, she said that she was currently living in a sober house, in order to better deal with her substance abuse problems.

Her fans applauded her honesty and the way in which she shared her struggles in order to inspire others. It seems that in spite of the strict schedule she has placed herself on in order to spend her nights at the sober living facility, Williams still makes time for exercise – in her admission, she said that she checks herself into the facility each night only after she finishes her two hours of Pilates. 

No matter what the future holds for the candid TV personality, there’s no doubt that her fans will be supporting her every step of the way.