Emmys 2017: What Elisabeth Moss Said That Didn’t Air

At the Emmys on Sunday, the very end of Elisabeth Moss’ acceptance speech was censored. So what exactly did she say that couldn’t be broadcast?

Moss was cut off during a portion of her speech thanking her mother, Linda Moss. She said, “and my mother, you are brave and strong and smart and you taught me that you can be kind and a f*cking badass.”

Those last four words did not air. Because live broadcasts like the Emmys usually have a seven-second delay, the producers of the show were able to cut Moss’ expletive before it went out.

Obviously, the F-word is not something that can be broadcast over CBS, but Elisabeth Moss probably just forgot to censor herself because she was so nervous. The 35-year-old actress has been known to make frequent use of curse words in her personal life. A Hollywood Reporter profile of Moss published earlier this year noted that her “propensity for profanity can be jarring at times.” Moss used the F-word six times during that interview.

CBS’ censoring of Moss’ speech led to mass confusion on Twitter, with users wondering what she said that caused the network to make use of the seven-second delay. Those in the room soon confirmed that she had dropped the F-bomb, asking if this made it into the broadcast version. It’s also clear what Moss is saying when looking back at video of her speech and reading her lips.

It’s understandable why Elisabeth Moss was nervous and excited tonight, as she just won her first Emmy after being nominated for Mad Men six times. Immediately after her win, Moss’ show The Handmaid’s Tale was given the final award of Outstanding Drama Series. In addition to starring as the lead character Offred, Elisabeth Moss also serves as producer on The Handmaid’s Tale, meaning she won two Emmys within the last 10 minutes of the ceremony.