What Ever Happened to Amy Duggar? Is She Still Feuding with Her Famous Family?

Fans of the show 19 Kids and Counting most likely remember “Cousin Amy” as a frequent mention in the Duggar household. Amy Duggar, who is Jim Bob and Michelle’s niece, was always close with the family. But then suddenly there was a rumored fight between Amy and the rest of the family where they attempted to “silence” her and not let her post about them on social media. So what happened to Amy Duggar, and is she still shunned by the family now? Read on to find out.

Who is Amy Duggar?

Amy may be a Duggar by name and by blood, but that’s where the similarities end. She is the daughter of Jim Bob’s sister Deanna and was raised very differently from the strict, conservative upbringing of her cousins. She was allowed to wear pants, watch just about anything on television, and go on dates or have boyfriends beyond the strict constraints of “courtship.” Amy was still raised as a devout Christian, but with looser rules.

The gossip mill had a field day when they realized her own parents weren’t married when Amy was born. “The tabloids are telling the truth. My mom and dad did have me out of wedlock. Just because we are Christians doesn’t make us perfect, it just makes us forgiven,” she said of the scandal. Amy’s parents Deanna and Terry even got divorced later – a huge no-no in the Duggar world.

Was Amy Duggar feuding with her family?

The rumors about an alleged rift between Amy and the Duggar clan began when she missed Jinger’s 2016 wedding to Jeremy Vuolo. At the time she claimed to skip it because she already had other plans, but the excuse seemed fishy.

Next, insider sources began leaking information about an imposed shunning of Amy that extended to all family members. Apparently, Amy was forbidden from speaking to Jim Bob and Michelle and the rest of the family, plus she wasn’t allowed to say anything about them. Shortly after, she even set her Instagram account to private (though now it’s public again).

Why was the family mad at Amy?

If rumors about an alleged feud are even accurate, the obvious next question is why? Well, Amy has always been a little wilder than her devout cousins, posting photos of herself in bikinis, getting tattooed, and speaking candidly about how she engaged in sexual relations before her wedding day. It’s possible they didn’t want to associate with her because of that. Or maybe it was something else entirely that never went public.

The Duggar feud is over now

Whether there was or wasn’t a fight between Amy Duggar and her family, it appears that’s all in the past now. She and her husband Dillon King recently launched a bible-themed clothing boutique that Jessa Duggar visited and promoted on her social media account right after the grand opening. Jinger also visited recently and posted her love and support on Instagram.

Also, Michelle and Jim Bob frequently post birthday messages on their Instagram for their kids, and they recently added a sweet one for Amy on her birthday. It’s all proof that if there was any ill will toward Amy in the past, they’ve forgiven her and invited her back into the family’s good graces.