Here’s What Fans Are Saying About the 1975’s Mosh Pit-Worthy Single, ‘People’

They’re definitely not a pop band. It’s finally time for the second single off of The 1975’s album, Notes On A Conditional Form. The song, entitled “People” sports a punk-rock sound, a far departure from their earlier albums. Some called this song one of the best they’ve ever written. Others thought “People’ is too different from their old sound. Here’s what fans are saying about the rock band’s mosh-able single.

‘People’ is about encouraging fans to ‘Wake Up’

The 1975 ‘s first single of their Notes On A Conditional Form era was their iconic self-titled song, released earlier this summer. Instead of their signature lyrics performed by Matty Healy, the song took on a new face, featuring activist Greta Thunberg and a speech about climate change.

“People,” on the other hand, sports a punk vibe with edgy lyrics and a grungey music video to match. During an interview with NME, Matty Healy was asked about the new sound and the simplicity of “People.”

“I think that the most powerful things in the world are music and comedy. I think comedy is, maybe, two percent more important, because that’s where the truth is. The reason that you laugh at something is because it’s true,” said frontman Matty Healy.

The 1975 has always been outspoken about current events and political topics

Even before the premiere dates of their two new singles, this group has been outspoken about their political opinions. They supported the LGBTQ community after the Pulse Nightclub shooting by projecting a rainbow during “Loving Someone.” Their song “Love It If We Made It,” highlighting public figures and current events, is nominated for an MTV Video Music Award.

Recently, Matty Healy protested anti-LGBTQ laws in Dubai by kissing a male fan during a concert. For their upcoming live performances, The 1975 announced they would sell more sustainable merchandise by reprinting shirts from old tours. Of course, the group’s outspoken attitude is one of the reasons fans love them so much.

The 1975
The 1975 | Photo by Kyle Gustafson / For The Washington Post via Getty Images

Fans responded to The 1975’s song, ‘People,’ on social media

Although “People” is a leap away from their bubblegum pink-pop songs, the song sparked a conversation between fans. Some shared their love for the new song on social media, commending the band on their sound.

“After hearing the first two tracks, it feels like The 1975 are a supernova. Every aspect of the sound from the early music, the image, the message is getting bolder and brighter. We’re watching an event happening and I’m loving it,” said one Twitter User.

“Wow the song is so good! Love the change! Sure there are people who don’t enjoy “emo music,” but I guess they’ll just have to broaden their horizons a bit,” said another Twitter user. “I was so excited to hear when they announced that the album would sound this was. Not disappointed!

According to some fans, the band’s next album entitled Notes On A Conditional Form, is expected to premiere on February 21, 2020. The 1975’s latest single, “People,” is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and most major music platforms.