‘General Hospital’: The 1 Thing Fans Find Frustrating About the Show

General Hospital premiered in 1963 and is currently the longest-running soap opera today. Even when the soap opera genre continues to be on the decline, General Hospital remains a fixture of ABC’s daytime lineup.

Clearly, General Hospital has a ton of dedicated fans who keep tuning in year after year to watch stories unfold in the fictional town of Port Charles. However, that does not mean that viewers are always satisfied with everything that goes on in the series. For example, in the past few years, there has been one development that is bothering many fans.

Fans think there are currently too many children on ‘General Hospital’

Maura West and Kin Shriner acting on 'General Hospital'
Ava and Scott on ‘General Hospital’ | Michael Yada/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Soap operas generally follow characters of different generations, and General Hospital is no different. As such, given how important things like marriages and births are, children are simply a natural part of the show. However, viewers are beginning to point out the fact that there might be such a thing as too many kids in Port Charles.

Currently, the youngsters who have the biggest roles on General Hospital include Cameron Webber, Jake Webber, Aiden Spencer, Josslyn Jacks, Avery Corinthos, Donna Corinthos, Leo Falconeri, Rocco Falconeri, Charlotte Cassadine, Spencer Cassadine, Violet Finn, Danny Morgan, Scout Cain, and Wiley Cooper-Jones (who is actually Jonah Corinthos).

Most of them do not have prominent storylines on the show. Still, for many fans, this amount of kids running around Port Charles is simply bizarre.

“There’s so many stories that can be told without adding yet another kid to the scene,” one person said on Reddit. “Port Charles needs some birth control.”

Another fan pointed out that adding another child to Carly and Sonny Corinthos’ household a few months ago was unnecessary, saying: “I’m completely puzzled by the fact that they did a baby storyline with Carly and Sonny, especially since there were no real issues in the end. Why did we need another baby around?”

Some fans think kids are necessary for ‘General Hospital’ to progress

Of course, on the other side of the argument, there are fans who do not see anything wrong with having a lot of kids on the show. After all, these young characters will eventually inherit Port Charles one day, and it’s important to have people acquainted with them now.

One viewer said: “The soap opera world needs to be peopled… then aged up, then peopled again.”

“Children grow up to be next gen characters,” another person noted. “If you don’t have enough kids…eventually the show just becomes a bunch of outsiders and randoms, and you can’t have that.”

These children will most likely become legacy characters on ‘General Hospital’

Since soap operas tend to run for a very long time, something that is important in the genre is the concept of legacy characters. Every fan has a different definition for this, but in general, legacy characters are the ones who have either been around for a long time or are descendants of one the original families on a show.

On General Hospital, legacy characters tend to be those related to the Quartermaines, the Cassadines, the Scorpio/Jones, and the Spencers. The Hardy/Webber clan that was around during the 1963 currently only have one member left – Elizabeth Webber (played by Rebecca Herbst).

Viewers generally have a lot of love for legacy characters because they have been able to spend decades with them and their respective families. This is one reason why fans enjoy following soap operas for a long time.

As such, there definitely is merit to the argument that Port Charles should be populated by a lot of kids. But how many kids is enough for the families to continue on for a long time is something that is still up for debate.