What Fans Think of Halsey’s Newest Album ‘Manic’

On Jan. 17, Halsey released her third studio album, Manic. The album has received critical acclaim, and it is Halsey’s most personal album of her career. Fans of Halsey are also in agreement that Manic is some of Halsey’s best work.

Halsey Manic
Halsey | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Critics love ‘Manic’ by Halsey

To date, Manic is Halsey’s most-acclaimed album. On Metacritic, the album received a score of 85 out of 100, indicating “universal acclaim.” Critics have also praised the contents of Manic and Halsey’s artistry.

“On her third studio album, Halsey performs a musical biopsy, opening up her chest and examining its contents with surgical precision. In that sense, the album is infused with pain — every song on the record is soaked in a sense of anguish as the star carefully studies each facet of herself,” wrote Stephen Daw in Billboard.

Daw concluded, “Halsey’s Manic is what happens when the Manic Pixie Dream Girl is finally given agency over her own story; it’s messy, it’s complicated, it’s melodramatic. And it’s also beautiful.”

Critics are not the only ones who love the album. On social media, fans of Halsey gushed about the artistry and talent Halsey displayed on Manic.

“I don’t get tired of saying this, Halsey is an amazing artist, she is so so talented and this album proves that once more, I stan the right woman,” wrote a Twitter user.

‘929’ has everyone crying

Fans knew before Jan. 17 that the album was going to be extremely personal. “929” is the last song on Manic, and the song Halsey was the most afraid to include on the album. Despite Halsey’s fears, fans love the song and are grateful Halsey chose to share it with them.

“929 by halsey is a masterpiece,” tweeted a fan.

“I started listening to Halsey’s album Manic in order because I didn’t want her to punch me in the face for not doing so and my emotions were all over the place each song but after listening to 929 the flood gates just came out and I just want to give her the biggest hug,” wrote a Twitter user.

“929 is the best song on the album and dare I say halsey’s best song ever I can’t believe how soft my heart is,” one fan tweeted.

Halsey’s song ‘More’ is super personal

Perhaps the most personal song on the album, “More” was the second song Halsey was nervous to include. The song explores Halsey’s longing for someone who does not exist yet, and it has touched fans’ hearts.

“More is the most personal and heartbreaking song Halsey has ever put out. I respect her so much for being this open with the world,” a fan tweeted.

“more came from the stomach because it’s about her miscarriages that she’s had. if you honestly don’t think that halsey poured her heart and soul out to us in this album, you didn’t listen to the same album everyone else did,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

“more is halsey’s saddest song, I don’t care what you think. if you’re not touched by these lyrics you have no soul,” a Twitter user wrote.

Halsey’s fans also love ‘3am’ on ‘Manic’

Halsey said before releasing Manic that her hit “Nightmare” would not be included because it did not fit with the tone of the album. “3am” is the closest thing Manic has to “Nightmare” and is the album’s rock song. While not as heart-wrenching as “929” and “More,” “3am” features the album’s trademark self-aware and reflective lyrics.

“3am by Halsey is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard,” a fan tweeted.

“i’ve been lit rally listening to 3am nonstop, halsey really did that,” wrote a Twitter user.

“3am by Halsey. that’s it. that’s the tweet,” one fan tweeted.

“3am is the song i always wanted halsey to make,” tweeted a fan.