What ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Caterina Scorsone Says About Amelia’s Pregnancy and Her Relationship with Link

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy is off and running with Season 16, now fully entrenched in this season’s spicy storylines. One of those plots centers around Dr. Amelia Shepherd (played by Caterina Scorsone), who found out in the season opener that she’s pregnant. Her relationship with Dr. Atticus Lincoln – better known as ‘Link’ – is now being tested, where she just revealed to him that she’s carrying his baby. Fans following the medical drama know that this is Amelia’s second pregnancy – she had previously given birth to a son, Christopher, who died due to a genetic birth defect.

Scorsone recently commented on this new phase for her character, and what it may mean for Amelia and Link as a couple.

Chris Carmack and Caterina Scorsone of "Grey's Anatomy"
“Grey’s Anatomy’s” Chris Carmack and Caterina Scorsone | Jessica Brooks via Getty Images

Is Amelia ready for a baby?

Amelia and her former husband Owen (Kevin McKidd) had plenty of issues during their marriage, one of them being having children. Despite her previous refusal to consider motherhood during her time with Owen, Scorsone feels Amelia is more equipped for parenting at this point in her life.

“I think Amelia is more prepared to have a baby now for a lot of reasons. When she and Owen broke up over having or not having kids, she hadn’t had the experience of parenting Leo and Betty,” Scorsone told Refinery29. “She also had a lot of trauma from the loss of baby Christopher that she hadn’t processed. Before they broke up, she wasn’t even able to say his name out loud, let alone share her pain with anyone, including Owen.”

The actress went on to say that Amelia’s time with baby Leo and his young mom Betty have been healing for her character, giving her the strength to take on a parenting role. “Speaking about one’s pain and trauma can be incredibly healing, and I think a combination of her grieving Christopher properly and parenting Leo and Betty with so much love, a lot of Amelia’s fear and trauma was healed,” Scorsone said.

Forever ‘Link’-ed?

According to the Grey’s star, Amelia and Link (Chris Carmack) are fully taking on the parenting challenge. “Amelia and Link are for sure jumping in,” Scorsone shared. “They’re both pretty adventurous, high adrenaline souls, so they are going to leap and have this baby and figure out the pieces as they go.”

Scorsone isn’t placing any bets on Amelia’s true feelings for Link, despite her character admitting she may be “a little bit in love” with him. “It might be hormones. I think she was really moved by his support,” she revealed. “Whether or not it works out, the fact that he said he’d support her and step up and raise the baby with her if that’s what she wanted was what she needed to hear to know that he was going to be a solid father to this kid. It helped her overcome her fear and embrace this pregnancy and this baby.”

Amelia’s going forward no matter what

With everything Amelia has gone through, including losing her father and brother, her son, battling addiction, and beating a brain tumor, Scorsone is focusing on her character’s strength and determination to be able to raise her child, whether it’s with Link or on her own.

“Amelia is at a place in her life when she’s coming into her authentic self. She’s got a kicking career, she’s got sobriety, she has lots of community and the support of her sisters. She doesn’t want or need to lose herself in anything or anyone anymore,” Scorsone said.  “I think she’s pretty clear that she wants this baby, but her motherhood isn’t dependent on the relationship lasting. If it does, cool. But she’s not waiting for permission or perfect typical conditions to become the mother she wants to be.”

Scorsone clearly wants to portray Amelia as a strong woman who has risen above plenty of adversity, and is now ready to share her life in raising a child. “She is now thriving and forming bonds and relationships and moving into her identity as a leader in her profession and as a loving and generous mother,” Scorsone said of Amelia. “She has lived a hero’s journey, and even though I’m sure there are bumps and loop de loops ahead, she continues to rise to each new challenge and keep her heart soft and brave and open.”

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