What Really Happened Between Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe?

Azealia Banks

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[Update, 12/7/2016: Added news that Russell Crowe will not be charged over the incident.]

On December 7 it was announced that the Los Angeles County District Attorney office is not prosecuting Russell Crowe, according to PEOPLE. They did investigate the situation further, but didn’t find anything to push the case forward. “The D.A.’s office declined to file charges due to lack of sufficient evidence,” a spokesperson told PEOPLE.

There have been many great female rappers in the past, but the game has left us with a limited few today. Azealia Banks is one of them. She has released five albums, but she has mostly been mentioned for her controversial statements and feuds. Those feuds include issues with Iggy Azalea, T.I., Nicki Minaj, and more. She has even been banned from Twitter after several heated back and forths with other celebrities like Zayn Malik. Her latest beef is very surprising since it involves Oscar winner, Russell Crowe. So what really happened between the two stars?

The rapper was in Crowe’s hotel suite on October 15 when she was allegedly threatening his guests by saying that she would cut them and watch them bleed, according to TMZ. It was at the Beverly Hills hotel where Crowe invited 10 people over for dinner and to listen to music. Rapper, RZA ended up bringing Banks as his plus one. Things started getting heated when she reportedly insulted the host.

She made fun of his music selection and allegedly called them “boring white men.” After a guest tried to defend Crowe she reportedly began ranting and threatening them. “You would love it if I broke my glass,” she reported said, “stabbed you guys in the throat, and blood would squirt everywhere like some real Tarantino sh*t.” She then reached for her glass and cocked it back, but the actor embraced her and carried her outside. After getting her out of the room he reportedly called the hotel security guards to have her removed.

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind | Universal

“To recap my night,” Banks posted on her Facebook page, “I went to a [party] at Russell crowes suite, at which he called me a n***er, choked me, threw me out and spat at me. Last night was one of the hardest nights of sleep I’ve had in a long time. The men in the room allowed it to happen, I feel terrible today.” She then later posted the following mysterious message.

Her manager, Raýmani Zaloumis-Steele also gave a statement on Twitter about how the situation has affected her. “Azealia is not the aggressor in this situation. All of that is fictitious,” he also told People Magazine. “We will tell our side, which is the truth. We have all our bases covered.”

Despite her claim that the actor called her the n-word, she is the only one so far to claim this. Her friend, RZA said that it was her, and not Crowe, who used the n-word in the altercation. Multiple sources told TMZ, that Banks wanted an apology from Crowe, however he refused to apologize. This is what reportedly pushed her to go to the authorities.

On Sunday, Banks went to the Beverly Hills Police Department in order to file a battery report against Crowe, according to TMZ. She claims that he choked her, spat on her, and called her the n-word while throwing her out of his room. This has now led to an investigation of the incident. Both parties have yet to be interviewed by the police.

Russell Crowe in Gladiator

Russell Crowe in Gladiator | Dreamworks

We can confirm that a report has been taken involving those two parties,” Sergeant Demarois of the Beverly Hills Police Department told People Magazine. “We can’t confirm what kind of report, and the investigation is being handled by our detective bureau.”

The good thing is that we might be able to know what exactly happened that night because there is security footage. However that footage will only capture what happened in the hallway. According to TMZ, the rapper believes this video will verify that the actor choked and spit on her. However, Crowe believes the video will verify his version of the story.

Australian comedian, Jim Jefferies has also come forward as being one of the witnesses to the incident. He took to Twitter to defend the actor against Banks’s claims.

There were at least four witnesses who gave their statements for the investigation, according to TMZ. All of whom described the rapper as being “erratic.” However her representation is still claiming that what the others are saying isn’t true. “She did file a police report after the incident,” her rep told US Weekly. “She wants to go back to New York. She’s very distraught. She’s not comfortable being in LA after what happened.”

RZA who brought Azealia Banks to the party also came forward with a statement on October 20th to address what happened that night. Given his statement and many others, it’s not looking too good for either party. According to him the rapper did threaten to cut someone, and Russell Crowe  take her out of the party but didn’t call her a racial slur.


Normally I don’t respond to negative social media attacks towards me. Yet in this case of Azealia Banks I’m compelled to respond.

Firstly I only wish the best for her and any struggling artist in this complex industry.

Azealia was brought to my attention while I was casting my next Film Coco. I heard the rumors of her problems in the industry but disregarded them with the rationality everyone is innocent until proven guilty. So my producer and I fought for her to be in the film and we succeeded. During the filming process things ran smooth and she delivered. Thus my only experience with her had been professional. The only brief social moment was at the wrap party. Therefore “I HAD NO REAL EXPERIENCE OF HER SOCIAL BEHAVIOR…”

A few weeks ago Azealia hit me up for some economic help and bong I gave a helping hand.

She then followed up asking me to help her get a record deal.

I called a friend and bong a record deal was on the table. The only clause my buddy gave was I be the filter because the word is “she is volatile”.

I called her and told her a deal was in the workings. She immediately, prematurely went to social media and claimed she signed a deal with RZA Yet no deal was signed.

I didn’t respond or comment to her post because I’m not the type to stop the hustle.

I actually wanted her to win.

I advised her to stay focus, leave social media and tabloids alone and let your music and art do your talking.

She then hits me for a ticket to LA to work and Bong I comply.

She then needs a place to stay and bong I put her in a hotel.

I returned to LA shortly after and we scheduled a meeting.

I invited her to meet me at the BHH Polo Lounge. Yet I head also planned on spending some time with my Buddy RC in his suite so I ask him can she join. He says “cool Bobby” so I invited her.

Before the night is over Azealia is insulting half the room she becomes loud and obnoxious.

There was nothing funny about her behavior. I felt a little embarrassed because she was my guest.

Still verbal abuse can be tolerated but when it goes physical…

Azealia threaten to cut a girl in the face with a glass, then actually grabs a glass and physically attacks for no logical reason.

Russell blocked the attack and expelled her from the suite.

Seeing is believing and I saw her behave as an obnoxious erratic individual and in the circles I frequent this was unprecedented. I was totally puzzles by her and thought maybe meds or booze or something had her zoned out.

Nevertheless I made sure she got home safe.


I did not hear Russell call her a N::gg::::

I’m not trying to protect Russell from anything he is a man of his own Caliber.

My art, talent and success speaks for it self and Azealia’s recent slander of me and self victimization reflect’s the personality of the person that was in that room that night.

I have a wife, daughters, sisters and females on my staff so I protect women everyday.

I pray none of them ever behave the way I witnessed Azealia Banks behaved that night.


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