What Happened to Molly Roloff? Why the ‘Little People, Big World’ Star Is Rarely on the Show

It shocks us to think we’ve been keeping up with the Roloff family on Little People, Big World for over a decade. Thanks to TLC, the show chronicles the life of Matt and Amy Roloff, two little people who started the show married but have since divorced. We got to see what their family dynamics were like with their four kids, Jacob, Molly, Zach, and Jeremy. While a lot of the focus was on Zach (he was the only other family member with dwarfism), we loved seeing the other Roloff kids grow up, too.

In recent time, many fans are wondering what Molly is up to, as it seems like the show has totally shifted focus away from her. Here’s why she’s barely seen on the show anymore.

Molly put her personal life as a priority and married back in 2017

We remember Molly when she started on the show as a teen — and it shocks us to realize she’s now 25. With growing older also comes major life changes, and it seems one of the biggest reasons we never see her on Little People, Big World anymore is because she’s now married.

Us Weekly reminds us Molly married Joel Silvius back in August 2017. They tied the knot at the Roloff farm, which seems to be the perfect wedding spot for all of the family members who have married so far. The ceremony looked beautiful (as did Molly), and all members of the family posted photos of the event to their Instagrams so fans could get a glimpse into the big day.

While Molly’s wedding was certainly special, it seems her mother, Amy, knew this would mean a new chapter would begin for Molly that might not include the show. Amy posted a photo of her and Molly with the caption, “Molly girl I love you so much. My little girl grew up and is now beginning a wonderful life w/ her husband Joel. I’m so so happy for you.”

She lives far from the Roloff farm, but she still makes occasional visits

The Roloff farm is near Portland, Oregon, and it seems Molly moved once she tied the knot. Good Housekeeping notes her LinkedIn profile shows she lives in Spokane, Washington. While that’s not super far from her other family members, it’s still easily a five to seven-hour drive back to Roloff farm — and that’s certainly another reason she’s rarely seen on the show anymore.

Molly still makes guest appearances to visit her mom, dad, and brothers, though — and Little People, Big World fans have been delighted to see her on social media with her family members. Good Housekeeping notes back in July 2018, she visited Oregon for a weekend family gathering honoring her grandfather’s birthday.

Molly also might not like the direction the show was going

Molly isn’t the only Roloff who has decided not to take part in the show full-time. Jacob Roloff, the youngest of the siblings, has also decided to part ways — but he’s been way more outspoken as to why. In an Instagram post, Jacob explained that, in his opinion, the producers were taking the show in a direction that was far removed from what their family life was actually like. “For me, noticing how the agenda of the crew doesn’t work well with the health & happiness of our family is what made me decide quite a while ago that I would not be a part of it as soon as I was able,” he explained.

Molly has not made such a statement, but considering how close the family is, we wouldn’t be surprised if she also had similar feelings regarding the show’s production.

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