What is ABC Food Tours, The Mentorship Program ‘Bachelorette’ Alum Tyler Cameron Is Involved With?

Tyler Cameron is maybe one of the most popular contestants to come out of the Bachelor universe. Fans quickly fell in love with his good looks, charm, and seemingly big heart as he pursued bachelorette Hannah Brown.

And even though the season’s ended, Cameron’s popularity has only grown.

Tyler Cameron | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images
Tyler Cameron | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

His Instagram following is now up to 2.2 million, a gargantuan size for a reality star born from Bachelor Nation.

One thing Cameron has consistently used his Instagram for is to promote ABC Food Tours, a food and fitness mentorship program for children in New York City public schools.

What is ABC Food Tours?

ABC Food Tours was started by Cameron and his close friend, Matt James (who also frequently pops up on Cameron’s Instagram–they affectionately refer to themselves as “Myler”).

According to the ABC Food Tours website, the goal of the organization is to “implement an experiential learning platform for students in NYC living in underserved communities that will educate, motivate, and inspire them to overcome life’s obstacles.”

“We believe that by surrounding students with restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, & immigrant business owners who have all overcome similar hardships they can begin to envision these realities for themselves.”

Why Tyler Cameron and Matt James started ABC Food Tours

In a recent interview with GQ, Cameron explained the inspiration for the mentorship program.

“When me and Matt were in college, we ran this program called Eat with the Deacs—these kids would come into the football center and we’d have pizza for two hours. Over food, the conversation was so organic. It wasn’t like the kind of thing where you meet for 30 minutes and then move on. It was just us talking with kids about whatever they wanted to talk about: what was going on at school, what was going on in their sports lives, their favorite rappers. Food just broke down barriers,” he said.

Cameron continued: “We wanted to continue using that platform with ABC Food Tours. First, we take the kids to a workout. We just took a group to a Muay Thai class—boxing, punching, using your knees. We’ve had NFL guys put them through drills in the park. And they’re always dancing, too, so it never stops. Then we take them on tours of a couple different restaurants, and surround them with people from different career paths to show them what kinds of jobs are out there. We’re going to start bringing groups into corporate offices soon, too.”

Today, according to the website, the organization serves all of District 1 and has “plans of expanding into Brooklyn, surrounding neighborhoods in Manhattan and select cities across the country.”

It’s a big reason why Cameron is so adored by Bachelor Nation. He has a drive to put good into the world. Thanks to The Bachelorette, he has a better platform to do so.

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