What Is Bella Hadid’s Net Worth?

Bella Hadid walks the runway at Brandon Maxwell Fall Winter 2018 Collection at the Appel Room on February 11, 2018 in New York City.
Bella Hadid | JP Yim/Getty Images

Celebrity model Bella Hadid first rose to fame during small cameo appearances on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her mother, Yolanda Hadid appeared on the show and was featured as a doting mother of Bella, her sister Gigi and brother Anwar.

Yolanda, a former model married Bella’s father Mohamed Anwar Hadid,  a Jordanian-American real estate developer. Although the couple divorced the family remained a cohesive unit, especially when it came to raising their children.

When Bella was only 16 years old she started modeling. Since then she’s amassed an impressive portfolio at only 22 years old. Her net worth is $12 million, according to The Richest. Although she comes from wealth, Bella’s career drive and worth ethic show nothing but promise.

Her mother’s humble beginnings set Bella up for success

Yolanda didn’t come from the world seen on RHOBH. While her net worth is $45 million, she arrived in New York City from the Netherlands with $55 in her pocket, Time reports. “I was very money-driven,” she said. “I come from a very poor family and my dad died when I was seven, I took on this huge responsibility that I was going to provide for my mother and my brother. It wasn’t that I had the dream of being a model. I never wore makeup. I didn’t even know what Vogue or Cosmo or Elle was because it wasn’t part of my life.”

She quickly signed with the Tom Ford agency and eventually married Hadid. She told Time her early beginnings helped to instill a sense of humbleness in her children. “Kids have to know they’re no better than anybody else,” she said. “My Gigi and Bella can be on the covers of magazines, but they’re no better or prettier than anybody else.”

“They’re just normal kids like everybody else,” she adds. “When they started working, I said to the girls, ‘Listen, there’s going to be a million girls that are more beautiful than you are and deserve success as much as you do, so how are you going to set yourself apart?’”

Bella’s modeling career is very different than her mother’s


The world was quite different when Yolanda modeled. The internet provides more exposure and accessibility. Bella currently has 21.5 million followers on Instagram, which provides fans with a peek into what she does just about every day. For example, she posted about being at Universal Studios Singapour with The Weekend, which E News snapped up immediately. But fans also see interactions via social media. When Bella celebrated a birthday, The Weekend left a “thirsty comment,” according to Elle on her Instagram.

Bella also kicked off her modeling career with a Flynn Skye commercial project, IMDB reports. She then moved onto dominate New York Fashion Week, debuting in the fall of 2014. Bella is seen in a number of magazine covers. Which includes Seventeen, Vogue and W.

She deals with this chronic illness


Bella, Yolanda, and Anwar suffer from Lyme disease. “Bella was diagnosed with Lyme disease and co-infections about three years ago,” Yolanda said on RHOBC, Cosmopolitan reports. “And Anwar shortly six months after that.” Bella dreamed of becoming a professional equestrian, which is likely where her Lyme diseased stemmed.  “There are millions of cases worldwide,” Yolanda said on the RHOBC. “We lived on a horse ranch, we had ticks everywhere, every day of their life.”

Bella said she couldn’t get out of bed for days. And had to resort to an alternative treatment for her disease. Apparently, the model cannot tolerate the antibiotics typically prescribed for Lyme. During a speech given in 2016 at the Global Lyme Alliance gala, she said, “Life isn’t always what it looks like on the outside, and the hardest part of this journey is to be judged by the way you look instead of the way you feel.”

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