What Is Chris Hemsworth’s Net Worth?

Chris Hemsworth is an A-list movies star with multiple blockbuster films to his name, including Star Wars and Thor. The middle child born in Australia, Hemsworth comes from a family of actors. Where did the Aussie get his start and what is his net worth?

Chris Hemsworth played the father of a legendary character

Hemsworth played Lieutenant Commander George Kirk in the 2009 movie reboot of Star Trek. Commander Kirk was the father of Captain James T. Kirk. Commander Kirk died while his wife was in childbirth with James, so the two actually never met.

Director J.J. Abrams specifically requested Hemsworth for the role of Kirk, even though he was a relative unknown at the time. Before Star Trek, Hemsworth’s biggest role was in the Australian soap opera Home and Away. Hemsworth appeared in the 2013 follow-up Star Trek Into the Darkness, but in audio flashbacks only.

Two Hemsworth’s auditioned for ‘Thor’

It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing the chiseled Norse God, Thor, but Hemsworth almost didn’t get the role that made him a household name. In fact, the actor said that he completely blew his audition. Another actor almost got the part, Chris Hemsworth’s younger brother Liam.

Hemsworth said that after he auditioned for the part, it was months before he heard anything. Meanwhile, his brother kept getting callback after callback. Eventually, the eldest brother got the part and we couldn’t imagine anyone else as Thor.

We may have seen the last of Thor

Hemsworth rose to fame after playing Thor and continued playing the character in several more movies. But it looks like the upcoming Avengers: Endgame may be the last time fans get to see the actor play the God of Thunder.

Hemsworth initially signed on with Marvel Studios for a multi-movie deal. His contract stipulated that the actor would appear in seven Marvel Universe films. Endgame will mark Hemsworth’s seventh appearance as Thor.

It remains to be seen whether Hemsworth will return to play the character. Neither the actor nor the studio has officially commented on the character’s future, but Hemsworth has that he has had talks with the film’s director.

Fans can workout like Thor

Hemsworth has worked hard to get into shape to play the hammer-wielding God. Though he stands at a powerful 6’3″, the actor had to bulk up quite a bit to play Thor. Hemsworth says that he needs to add about 20 pounds each time he plays the part. To do this he does intense workouts for an hour a day six days a week.

When the actor is not playing Thor, he says he utilizes intermittent fasting to drop the extra 20 pounds. He told Jimmy Kimmel that on his fasting days his intake can be as low as 600 calories per day.

Fans who want to work out like Thor now have the opportunity to do so. Hemsworth recently launched a fitness app that will provide users with workout routines and meal plans. The app features world-class teachers and provides a variety of diet plans including vegetarian and vegan options. Hemsworth collaborated with his wife, Elsa Pataky to ensure that the app is woman and mom-friendly.

What is Chris Hemsworth’s net worth?

Though Hemsworth’s future as Thor is uncertain, the actor has plenty of projects going on. In addition to his fitness app, Hemsworth has two movies in the works. Men in Black: International and Dhaka are both in post-production and scheduled to come out this year. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hemsworth hard work has paid off. His estimated net worth is $90 million.