What is Colombian Singer Juanes’ Net Worth and Has He Recorded in English?

Most people who speak Spanish readily recognize the celebrity musician Juanes (real name Juan Esteban Aristizábal Vásquez). He’s the Latin world’s Bruce Springsteen, in that he’s a rock star first, and has a strong poetic side. But he’s also a Latin Bono, in that he has a prevalent philanthropic side. He’s tirelessly used his fame to benefit his beloved Colombia, as well as many other countries.

Colombian singer Juanes
Colombian singer Juanes | Rich Fury/Getty Images

As his frequent collaborator and friend, Nelly Furtado, has said, “His music pulls you in with the intelligence and sensitivity of a South American prized poet.”

Here’s what we know about Juanes’ net worth and whether he’ll be recording any albums in English soon like fellow Colombian megastar, Shakira.

Juanes’ philanthropic work

Juanes created an organization called Fundaciόn Mi Sangre (My Blood Foundation) that has called the world’s attention to the issue of landmines in Colombia, as well as other regions ravaged by conflict around the world. He has performed international benefit concerts, through which he’s raised funds and awareness of the problems these weapons cause and represent.

“It’s very emotional to see so many people from so many countries united at my concerts here in Europe, flags from Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Poland, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, Holland, Peru, Chile, Germany, Belgium, basically all the countries!! I simply have immense gratitude to my fans from around the world for allowing me to keep doing what I do with so much love on stage, singing and playing my guitar. I love you!

“The name Mi Sangre [My Blood] is inspired by the same sentiment behind my [2004] album of the same name: It’s about my children, my children’s children, my land, my roots,” the singer told Billboard in 2015. “It’s what hurts and what’s important to me. When I wrote [2000’s] Fijate Bien [Watch your step] about landmine victims, I was living in Los Angeles. I would speak to my mother every day…about what was going on back home in Colombia.”

“But it wasn’t until I went and talked to people face-to-face that I understood the gravity of the situation. I remember being invited to sing for wounded soldiers. Hearing firsthand the stories of people who had been directly affected by the conflict, it moved me to the point that I said, “I want to do something.”

Juanes recorded his first song in English just a couple of years ago

Unlike other Latino singers Enrique Iglesias and Shakira, Juanes has made it clear that singing in English is, for now, not a priority for him. He has sung John Lennon’s Woman in English at the 75th Birthday Concert for John Lennon. Plus, he also sang Elton John’s Your Song at the 2013 Grammy Awards ceremony, which he modified and sang bilingually.

He recorded his first English-language song, Goodbye for Now, in 2017. At the time, he told the Associated Press about his experience creating and recording the song with record producer Poo Bear.

“Four or five years ago I started recording in English, but honestly I find it very difficult. I did a few experiments and they didn’t come out very well. Finally this time, after several years living here in this country and knowing the language better, I felt more comfortable doing it. To me, this is something very hard to do in English,” he said, “but I really had the desire to try.”

He also recorded the playful Lay Your Head on Me for the soundtrack of the children’s film, Ferdinand.

Juanes’ net worth

This is the face of satisfaction and happiness when you realize your dreams! The passing of time reveals to us the way. Thanks to the past for making it possible that the present would exist and that the future will be a reality. #MoreFutureThanPast

The 47-year-old has a net worth of $20 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

He has won 22 Latin Grammys, two Grammys and sold more than 15 million albums worldwide.

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