What Is Hannah Brown’s Greatest Fear?

Throughout her journey on The Bachelor franchise, Hannah Brown was never one to sugarcoat her feelings.

The former Bachelorette has become known for being blatantly honest about her feelings and continues to do so to this day.

Hannah Brown opens up about her biggest fear
Hannah Brown | Leon Bennett/WireImage

In a recent interview, the reality star opens up about her greatest fear and shares that having recently experienced it made her learn a valuable lesson.

Her greatest fear right now is failing

Hannah Brown has been very open about her feeling these past few months but one emotion she has yet to discuss is her biggest fear.

Everyone has things that they are afraid of but for Brown, the one thing she is fearful of the most is actually something many of us can agree with her on.

The current Dancing With the Stars cast member joined Juliet Litman on the Bachelor Party podcast and revealed that her greatest fear is currently failing.

With Brown having recently experienced a failed romance with Bachelorette winner, Jed Wyatt, the former beauty queen is afraid of falling short of something else she’s put all of her energy into.

Although her greatest fear is failure, Brown is learning that not succeeding at things is okay and is now taking each failed outcome and turning it into a learning experience.

“There’s a way you could look at my season [of The Bachelorette] and it’s like, oh, well she did win, but there’s a way to look at it and it failed in the typical way,” she said during the podcast. “So it’s like, OK, it failed, but what did I learn? I think that’s the way that I look at it now.” 

Hannah Brown
Jed Wyatt and Hannah Brown | Mark Bourdillon via Getty Images

Even though her season of The Bachelorette didn’t end in the way she’d hoped (she got engaged to Wyatt but ended things after finding out he’d been in a relationship before the show), she says she still wouldn’t have changed anything.

“The way that it happened was how it was supposed to happen,” she said before confessing that she’s still trying to figure out what she can take away from that experience. 

Brown has big dreams that she hopes to fulfill

While Brown is still afraid of failure, the reality star is open to trying her hand at fulfilling her lifelong dreams.

The former Bachelorette admitted on the podcast that she’s always dreamed of having a career as a talk show host.

She’d also like to write a YA book series for young women in addition to continuing  her career in interior design and home decor, which is something she did before her Bachelor journey.

While nothing is certain in this life, Brown wants to give these careers a try, despite the fear of failing.

The reality star probably won’t start start making her talk show host and YA author dreams come true just yet, but she is already off to a great start.

With Brown now having plenty of connections that can give her some advice on fulfilling those lifelong dream of hers, this reality star’s future definitely looks bright!