What Is Jennifer Lopez’s Beauty Secret for Glowing Skin?

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most iconic beauties in Hollywood, with stunning bone structure and a figure that is the envy of many half her age.

She’s also become famous for the signature J-Lo “glow,” which emphasizes her stunning, clear skin – and no doubt her recent engagement to Alex Rodriguez is helping with that glow as well.

While many have tried to copy her look, few have succeeded. However, Lopez, well known for her generous nature and open conversations with fans, has heard the outcry and is now planning on helping her followers get that J-Lo glow for themselves.

How does J-Lo get her glow?

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez | James Devaney/GC Images

It seems as though there are many factors working together that help Jennifer Lopez to look so good. First, her commitment to fitness is undeniable and has had a definite effect on her skin, as well as her overall physique. In a recent interview, Lopez admitted that exercise helps her to feel her best as well as look her best. Lopez likes to mix it up in the gym but prefers lots of dancing and weight training, which is a great combination to tone up and build muscle. 

She also sticks to a very strict diet. Things like caffeine, alcohol, and excessive sugar can wreak havoc on the skin, and cause breakouts, dullness, and wrinkles. Lopez long ago cut out all caffeine and alcohol and drinks lots of water to stay well-hydrated. She also eats clean, mainly organic fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins like salmon and chicken. While this type of diet might be very difficult for the average person to follow, it clearly works for J-Lo!

When is J-Lo releasing her skincare line?

While good genetics, the right diet, and proper exercise certainly play a role in Lopez’s iconic look, she also wears high-quality makeup and skincare products. Recently, her makeup artist revealed a few of the tips and tricks that he uses for priming Lopez’s skin to bronze perfection.

Although fans might assume that Lopez uses only the most expensive skincare, her makeup artist admitted that he uses an $11 sunscreen spray that can be found at any drugstore as one of the key products to give Lopez her signature glow. In addition to imparting a sheer radiance on the skin, it’s also a healthy way to protect skin from damaging UV rays.

Inspired, no doubt, by the tips and tricks from makeup artists that she’s worked with over the years, Lopez announced in December 2018 that she is currently hard at work on her very own skincare line. While she hasn’t admitted what products will be involved in the line, or when fans can expect to see it on shelves, she’s said that it will definitely work and that the products will encompass all of the secrets that she’s learned over the years. Lopez also stated that it’s been something that she’s been working on for a long time because she wants to get it exactly right.

How expensive will the skincare be?

Not much else is yet known about Lopez’s exclusive skincare line, and no prices have been revealed to fans as of yet. However, it is likely that it will be at a price point that enables most of Lopez’s fans to purchase, as her previous product launches (including her makeup line with cosmetics brand Inglot) have all been quite affordable. 

Hopefully, Jennifer Lopez’s new skincare line will be released in late 2019, so that all fans of the iconic J-Lo glow can experience the perfect skin and radiant complexion that the triple-threat superstar has been showing off for decades.