What Is Jennifer Lopez’s Favorite Body Part on Alex Rodriguez?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are one of the hottest couples in Hollywood today. Between their careers and taking care of their family, they both have quite the hectic schedule. However, they don’t let their busy days get in the way of staying fit and healthy.

Recently, they had taken part in a 10-day challenge where they did not allow themselves to eat any carbs or sugars for almost two weeks. Many people think that they did the challenge so they could slim down a bit, but we don’t think that is the case because they are both far from being overweight. After what Jlo had to say about A-Rod’s body, it is clear that she agrees that her man looks perfect just the way he is.

What is Jennifer Lopez’s favorite body part on Alex Rodriguez?

Recently, Jennifer went on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote the hit dancing competition show, World of Dance. To help the audience get to know JLo a little better, Ellen played one of her many famous games called Burning Questions. During this hilarious segment, both Ellen and Jennifer are given a question that they both must take turns answering. One of the questions that Jennifer was asked was what was her favorite body part on A-Rod. 

The two exchanged funny glances and a subtle laugh before JLo finally responded and said that she liked his arms the best. 

Next, it was Ellen’s turn to answer the same question. Staying true to her witty nature, Ellen looked straight at the camera and boldly answered: “I like his penis,” to which both the audience and JLo started to laugh hysterically.

Lopez likes her own body as well

During the same segment on the Ellen Show, JLo was also asked what was one of her own body parts that she was most proud of. After a brief pause, she finally said “my abs.” Given the fact that she does like to show them off frequently in her Instagram post, her answer came as no surprise to many of her fans. However, if our abs looked like that at 49-years old, and after having twins, we would be showing them off just as much, if not more often.

Her doting boyfriend has also uploaded a few videos of her rigorous workout routine. From what we’ve seen of her dedication to staying fit and healthy, she has every right to be proud of the body that she is so dedicated to maintaining.

A-Rod has a hard time picking a favorite body part on JLo

The two have been dating for almost two years now. Since they have made their relationship public in April of 2017, Alex has had a hard time keeping his hands to himself. They have been caught engaging in some seriously sweet PDA moments on several different occasions. His Instagram page is also filled with a lot of candid pictures of his lovely girlfriend. From funny photos to videos of JLo working out, it seems that not only does A-Rod have a hard time keeping his hands off of Jennifer, but he also can’t seem to keep his eyes off of her either.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez not only like the way they look, but they also seem to genuinely love each other for what is on the inside. We don’t know what the future will hold for these two lovebirds, but the fact that they seem to do everything together, including working out and eating healthy, we can only guess they want to be in good physical health so they can spend as many years as possible together.