What Is John Oliver’s Net Worth?

You can argue there isn’t any more important comedy/news analysis show on TV than Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Ironically, it had to take a British comedian to uncover the most blistering truths about what’s going in our country’s government. Even if Stephen Colbert does the same thing with aplomb, Oliver’s show wins all the Emmys for a good reason.

The writing on Last Week Tonight is far beyond even what the late-night writing teams can come up with during the week. Of course, with LWT being a weekly show, it gives more time for the writers to create something spectacular.

With Oliver ringmastering everything, he should be rolling in the dough. Just how much is he worth now with his show and other career interests?

Like most satiric news anchors, Oliver started on ‘The Daily Show’

When you look at the career beginnings of John Oliver, it doesn’t really start with The Daily Show but more as an insightful standup comedian in Britain. He was already known there for biting political humor, something catching the attention of Ricky Gervais.

According to most sources, The Daily Show staff interviewed Oliver in 2006 on recommendation of Gervais who liked the former’s comedic style, despite never meeting. 

Oliver ended up being an on-camera correspondent almost immediately after being hired. His on-camera comedic persona began to resonate with the show’s audience as much as they did with Colbert in the earlier days.

Despite winning Emmys, what Oliver was being paid for being a TDS correspondent was arguably smaller than what he should have been earning.

Expanding to ‘The Daily Show’ guest host

There was so much faith in Oliver’s abilities, he ended up guest-hosting TDS during the summer of 2013 when Jon Stewart had to leave for the summer to direct a movie.

Filling in was the greatest thing to happen to Oliver’s career. He was so good on the show, he almost surpassed Stewart’s own comedic abilities, leading some to believe JO would become the eventual host of The Daily Show. At the time, though, Stewart was committed to staying at the helm a while longer.

Only a few months later, HBO came calling with Last Week Tonight. Before it debuted in April of 2014, Oliver had other comedy shows on the agenda, which expanded his reach and his wallet.

With Last Week Tonight soon taking on many challenging subjects (including financial fraud), no doubt Oliver was able to buy a house with his first-year earnings.

How much does Oliver get per year on ‘LWT’?

Many sources say Oliver now earns $5 million per year hosting Last Week Tonight, a seemingly paltry amount considering the social impact the show continues to have.

Maybe call this a consequence of working for pay cable rather than being on a regular network. No doubt Oliver will be making a lot more than this over time before his contract runs out next year. By then, we’d expect to see his annual earnings jump to double as he well deserves.

After all, look at the Emmys the show keeps winning each year for the stellar writing. Oliver’s presentation is also satirically sharper than any other political satirist in America.

At least the show does have substantial breaks so Oliver can increase his income doing other things.

Oliver keeps adding to his income doing movies and TV guest shots

John Oliver
John Oliver | Paul Archuleta / Contributor

You’re starting to see Oliver becoming a popular, in-demand voiceover artist for animated movies, including the upcoming “live-action” reboot of The Lion King.

Look around on TV and you’ll also find Oliver making guest-star appearances on other shows, including voice work on several animated series like Danger Mouse.

All of this places his total net worth at an estiamted $10 million so far. As far as we’re concerned, he still isn’t making what he’s really worth. His satiric British invasion has helped political satire thrive amid a new political movement wanting to deem satire a crime.