What Is Jon Gosselin’s Job in 2018 Now That ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ Is Over?

It’s hard to remember when Jon and Kate Gosselin actually got along — but back in the early days of Jon & Kate Plus 8, the couple and their eight kids were truly thriving. Viewers got an inside look into the Gosselin couple’s daily life raising twins and sextuplets, and Jon and Kate both developed a serious fan base. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before their marriage started to rapidly fall apart — and the two were divorced by 2009.

We know Kate continued in the showbiz industry by joining Dancing with the Stars and also reviving her original series with just Kate Plus 8. We’re also slated to see her again in the highly-anticipated Kate Plus DateBut when it comes to Jon, he’s kept a relatively low profile after the divorce drama — and many wonder what he’s up to nowadays.

Jon was recently working in the restaurant industry and also works full-time in I.T.

It seems Jon is doing everything he can to get his finances and his life back in order. And though he’s become a public name that many can identify, he still likes working very public jobs, like food service. In Touch Weekly reports in 2017, it was revealed that Jon was working at a local T.G.I. Friday’s — and that’s certainly not his first stint with the food industry, either. Unfortunately, the publication reports another employee from Friday’s sold a photo of Jon working, causing Jon to want to leave a job he was otherwise “passionate about.”

Even without food service, Jon has a few backup plans. It’s likely his main way of making money is working in I.T. At the end of 2017, a “friend” told Hollywood Life that Jon was working full-time as an I.T. administrator. “It’s a good stable job with decent pay,” the friend said. Additionally, the source explained the “regular job” would hopefully help him gain full custody of his kids. “He’s really hopeful that this will help him get more time with his kids,” they said.

He’s also a DJ, which is one of his passions

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While he may be an I.T. guy by day, Jon is also working as a disc jockey on the side for extra cash — and he reportedly loves it. Yahoo explains he’s not a nightclub DJ, but rather a “maître d’DJ.” As he says, “I do the lounge. I don’t do the club.” Additionally, he helps book other DJs, which he says makes him more money than being a disc jockey seven nights a week anyway.

As for why he continues to DJ, he says he loves that he can be his own boss this time around. “I own it. I don’t have a boss. It’s me. I’m the boss,” he said. And he seems to have big fans for his future as a disc jockey, too, as he said he wanted to create a music-related docuseries that would bring filming back into his life. Jon did mention he’d never put his kids back on TV, however, so they’d never be a part of this project.

He allegedly tried out stripping in April 2017

According to Page Six, Jon also tried out stripping briefly in April 2017. He allegedly starred in three acts of the “Untamed Male Revue” at Dusk nightclub in Atlantic City, and he did it as one last hurrah for his 30s. Not only did he get some extra cash from the event, but he said it also helped him get into shape. “I lost weight. I lost 25 pounds — for my health, too.”

As for what his kids think of the event, he explained he told them everything prior to the event taking place. “I cleared it with them before I did anything … I told them the whole marketing plan. They’re teenagers now. They understand this stuff,” he said.

Will he ever try out stripping again? We’re not sure — but he’s totally all for using his fame to his advantage, which seems to be working well.

His girlfriend previously set up a GoFundMe page to help him cover his custody battles

Even with Jon’s many jobs, it seems he’s had trouble keeping himself afloat thanks to the expensive custody battles. And while he just won custody of son Collin, he definitely got some help from his long-term girlfriend, Colleen Conrad. In Touch Weekly explains she set up a GoFundMe to help out with his growing legal fees.

“Fame and fortune do not always go together, and Jon is the perfect example of that reality. Things are not always as they are portrayed,” the page says. “He works a steady job and earns extra money on the side as a disc jockey. Now he is forced into an expensive unjust battle for custody, one that drains his time, energy and finances.” While the account did raise over $3,000, it’s currently not accepting any money — though we wouldn’t be surprised if it opens back up in the future.

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