What Is Jordyn Woods’ Secret Talent?

A woman of many different talents!

Since Jordyn Woods come into the entertainment scene only being known as Kylie Jenner’s best friend, she quickly made a name for herself as someone who has a gift when it comes to modeling.

Jordyn Woods
Jordyn Woods | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Dick Clark Productions

Now that she is no longer in Kylie Jenner’s shadow, many of us are starting to realize that there is a lot more to Jordyn Woods than just modeling.

One of those things happens to be that she has a hidden talent that no one would have expected her to have.

She can play the piano

We already know Jordyn Woods is a natural at modeling and landing brand deals, but how many people actually know that she can play the piano?

On April 5, Woods took to her Instagram Stories and simply revealed that she an avid pianist all while showing off her freshly done manicure.

In the video, Jordy gives fans an up-close photo of her nails against a keyboard.

“I love my nails but it’s making it too difficult to play,” she captioned the Instagram Stories video as she is showing off her unique nail job.

Jordyn Woods
Jordyn Woods Instagram

Even though her manicure looked beautiful, fans couldn’t get over the fact that Jordyn Woods plays the piano in her downtime.

We can guess that while Jordy isn’t traveling around the world showing off her new looks, she can be found at home playing the white and black keys.

Even though no one has yet to hear Jordyn play the piano, we’re pretty sure she really knows her way around the keyboard.

Jordyn has been showing a new side of herself

Ever since Jordyn Woods came clean about her part in the Tristan Thompson scandal, it’s like we’ve been seeing a whole new side to the model.

Shortly after her interview with Jada Pinkett-Smith on Red Table Talk, Jordy hasn’t been afraid to be open with fans on social media about her life.

After taking a much needed break from the spotlight, Jordyn Woods came back with a bang showing the world that even though this scandal was close to breaking her, it ended up making her stronger and wiser in the process.

Since the world was first introduced to Woods as Kylie Jenner’s best friend back in 2009, fans never got the opportunity to see the kind of person she really is.

When you’re best friends with someone so famous, it’s really hard to step outside of their shadow and show who you really are.

For so many years, Jordyn Woods has gone unnoticed in comparison to Kylie Jenner. Now that the former best friends have gone their separate ways, it’s finally Jordyn’s time to show a more interesting side of herself.

Many sources claim that Jordyn Woods is ready to blossom as a person and has no interest in being someone’s shadow.

Even though the model misses her best friend and still feels bad about breaking the Kardashian family’s trust, she is ready to leave everything in the past and move on with her life.