What Is Kelly Ripa’s Net Worth?

Kelly Ripa is a petite, feisty┬átelevision personality that has been entertaining audiences for decades. She first found fame as a soap opera star, and for the past twenty years has been one of the foremost TV hosts of her time. There’s more to Kelly Ripa than meets the eye – from her romantic, long-term marriage to Mark Consuelos to her occasional roles in big-time films, Ripa is a multi-faceted, talented star.

How did Kelly Ripa become famous?

Kelly Ripa was born in Stratford, New Jersey, in 1970. At a very young age, Ripa found herself drawn to entertaining others, and learned how to play the piano, dance, and sing. Acting became her passion, and she appeared in a wide variety of school and community theater productions all throughout high school. After graduation, Ripa decided that she wanted to pursue a career in the arts, and moved to New York City.

Ripa scored her big break in 1990, on the daytime soap opera All My Children. Her role as Hayley Vaughan became one of the most popular on the show, and she was a regular cast member for twelve years, ending her long-term stint on the show in 2002. It was during her time on All My Children that Ripa met fellow actor Mark Consuelos. The two fell for each other right away and eloped in 1996. They went on to welcome three children, and have become known as one of the most loving, longest-lasting couples in Hollywood. They are open about their affection for each other, and often leave sweet messages on each other’s social media accounts – and neither are afraid to clap back when haters make unnecessary comments.

When did Ripa start hosting TV shows?

In 2001, Ripa turned her attention to the role of daytime talk show host when she was hired as Regis Philbin’s co-host on the show Live! with Regis and Kelly. Ripa’s bubbly personality and sense of humor proved to be the perfect foil for Regis Philbin’s more mature, calm demeanor, and the two became fast friends both on and off screen. For ten years, Ripa and Philbin interviewed a wide variety of celebrity guests, told stories, and ultimately became America’s favorite hosting duo.

In 2011, Regis Philbin retired, turning the show over to Kelly Ripa. For a while, Michael Strahan acted as Ripa’s co-host, but in early 2017, Ryan Seacrest took over Strahan’s spot, and the show was renamed Live with Kelly and Ryan. The show remains incredibly popular, and thousands of viewers around the country tune in to see Ripa and Seacrest host each morning. 

What is Ripa’s net worth?

As a well-respected talk show host and actress, Kelly Ripa has remained a force to be reckoned with in entertainment for thirty years. In addition to her hosting responsibilities, Ripa makes time occasionally to act in movies and television shows, including the 1996 film Marvin’s Room, opposite Meryl Streep. She’s also been recognized by the critics and has received eight Daytime Emmy nominations over the years. 

With all of her accolades and accomplishments, Ripa’s net worth has risen over the years to $75 million. In spite of her impressive salary, Ripa has managed to maintain a girl-next-door persona and is known to be sweet and approachable in person. She regularly lends her time to a wide variety of charitable causes, including The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund and the American Heart Association. With a resume like Ripa’s and so many years of hosting experience to her name, it is clear that Ripa will continue to be a television mainstay for a long time to come.