What Is Kim Kardashian’s Morning Routine?

Kim Kardashian, like many Hollywood celebs, has an ironclad routine to help make her life easier. The hourglass-figured starlet has worked towards creating a perfect morning routine to make the most of her early AM hours. After all, being a top reality star, loving wife, and amazing mother takes a lot of time and dedication. So how does Kim K. wrap up her to-do list every morning?

Kim Kardashian wakes up early

Kardashian’s alarm goes off at 5:45 am every single day. That includes weekends. While the idea of getting up this early rubs a lot of people the wrong way it comes with a lot of benefits. For one, sleeping in eats precious morning time. Rushing to check all her boxes could easily cause the busy mom to have to cut her workout short, skip breakfast, and ultimately boost her stress levels. Definitely not how anyone would want to start their day.

There have been tons of studies done on the impact of an early morning routine. Well-known benefits include enhanced focus and creativity, increased energy and optimism, better mental clarity, and an overall healthier mind and body. It looks like the KUWTK star is on the right track with an early wake-up time. 

Then Kim squeezes in her workout

After getting up and getting herself together, Kim K. pours all of her energy into a body perfecting workout. She’s opened up about her workout routines time and time again. She revealed her secrets to losing baby weight just last year and even opened up about her more recent fitness strides. While filming an episode for KUWTK, the beauty guru stumbled across a fitness trainer on Instagram who would change her life.

Melissa Alcantara, just like Kardashian, is a mother who has put in the work to get her pre-mama body back. She is the perfect trainer for Kardashian and the results show! Alcantara didn’t just give the reality star the tools she needed to get her best body. She helped her stay motivated and even gave her helpful hints for an ideal diet. It’s no secret, Kardashian works hard for her banging body

Kim K. probably spends quite a bit of time on her feet, but many people lead a pretty sedentary lifestyle due to work (the typical desk job). Starting off the day with a workout helps ensure you hit the daily minimum of active minutes for a healthy style. It also touts some pretty awesome benefits like activity level and fat burning boosts that last all day!

After building up a sweat, she takes care of the kids

The sexy and sassy TV personality is a mother to three adorable children, Saint West who is five years old, North West who is three years old, and Chicago West who is a year old. She also has another baby on the way thanks to a surrogate who is willing to help the couple realize their large family dreams.

Mothering three kids is no easy feat, but the gorgeous Kardashian sister doesn’t just get the kids ready for school. She drops them off as well! Anyone with children knows that getting them ready can be tough, especially at such a young age! Nods to Kim for handling three rambunctious little muffins at the start of her day!

Next up is work, work, work!

Once she has the kids squared away, she heads back home and focuses on work. Many people have the nine to five life, but not Kardashian. She literally spends her entire day working. Considering she is a Jane-of-all-trades with a lot on her plate it’s not very surprising. She keeps busy with producing Keeping Up with the Kardashians and also continually works towards building her beauty brand up bigger, badder, and better.