What Is Maisie Williams’ Real Name?

The record-breaking TV show Game of Thrones has created a number of huge stars, even though most of the actors on the show were relatively new to performing on television. One of these stars is Maisie Williams, who has become famous for her iconic turn as the deadly, young assassin Arya Stark. While still a young girl, Williams was able to land the role of a lifetime and has parlayed her success on the show into an impressive career for herself.

How did Maisie Williams start acting?

Maisie Williams
Maisie Williams | Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Williams was born in April 1997 in England. She was born Margaret Constance Williams, the youngest of four children. Williams was a bit of a tomboy when she was growing up, quite similar to her Game of Thrones character. Her nickname, Maisie, came from a popular comic strip called The Perishers, which followed a series of tough, urban children. The character of Maisie in the comic strip is a cute young girl with a fiery temper and a deathly fear of insects.

Williams was a good student, studying performing arts and stagecraft. She was chosen from a huge pool of potential actresses as the one who would portray Arya Stark, and when she was only twelve years old, was cast on Game of Thrones. Arya has been an instrumental character on the show from the very beginning, with young Williams carrying a good bit of dramatic weight on her shoulders. 

Maisie Williams’ experience on ‘Game of Thrones’

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Having started on Game of Thrones when she was so young, Williams has basically grown up on the show. Her entire young adult life has been spent building the character of Arya, and she has earned serious critical acclaim for her acting skills. Even more impressive, her role on Game of Thrones was her very first professional acting job ever. 

While in a recent interview, Williams admitted that it was difficult to still be portraying a little girl while she was going through the changes of adolescence, the character of Arya has been embraced by fans for her toughness and resilience. The name Arya has skyrocketed in popularity over the past several years and tops the list of Game of Thrones-inspired baby names. Fans are unanimous: in a world where too many TV shows portraying young female characters as not being in charge of their own fate, the character of Arya is totally unique.

What’s next for Maisie Williams?

Game of Thrones is currently in the eighth and final season, with the very last episode set to premiere in late May. With filming completed, Williams is free to turn her attention to other projects, and the young actress has already gotten busy. She’s been busy developing her very own app, called Daisie, which intends to connect creative people in art, fashion, film, photography, and literature.

In addition, she has two major film roles that are set to debut in the near future, including New Mutants, a film set in the world of the X-Men. Williams will be playing Wolfsbane, a bold new character that will likely perfectly highlight her ability to connect dramatic acting with action. Later this year, Williams will also dip her toe into the world of teen drama when she co-stars opposite Nina Dobrev in Then Came You

With a huge hit like Game of Thrones already to her credit, and at only 22 years old, Maisie Williams has unlimited possibilities at her fingertips and a wealth of talent to draw on. Hopefully, her fans can count on many more years of incredible performances from this riveting young star.