What Is Matt Lauer Doing Now?

Sexual harassment and abuse scandals have claimed many careers over the past few years. Matt Lauer is in the Top Five, even though he also joins a group of men who somehow think they’ll be able to restore their careers through public forgiveness. While maybe some will forgive, giving Lauer another job remains TBD. So what has he done to keep himself sane amid knowing he’s perhaps a media pariah for life? He’s still keeping socially active, despite also living the contradiction of sitting on plenty of money.

Where does Lauer currently live?

To show you an example of how so many shunned men in the media end up being rich, Lauer spends all his time in the swanky Hamptons. He’s kept a low profile, though, other than a few paparazzi shots of him going out to do things.

Some rumors have said he’s also feeling miserable and was said to be “the loneliest man in the world” last year. Women who’ve put up with sexual abuse for years without consequence might think that’s crocodile tears. Others might think it’s extreme and still deserving of redemption.

Whatever your personal take is, Lauer isn’t just cowering at home all day. He’s still living life, and he was more recently seen at the birthday party of one former NBC exec.

Matt Lauer showed up for Jeff Zucker’s birthday party

Page Six recently showed pics of Lauer attending Jeff Zucker’s 54th birthday celebration, which isn’t unusual considering what Zucker did for Lauer’s career over at NBC’s Today. According to reports, Lauer was in a celebratory mood and was seen laughing at the magician they hired for the entertainment.

Matt Lauer could pay a fortune in alimony to his wife

Lauer is going through a rough divorce with his wife, Annette Roque. Last year, we wrote about how she supposedly kicked Lauer out of their Hamptons home they shared with their three kids. Afterward, they’ve been seen together at various public events while putting on forced smiles for the cameras.

Apparently they still see one another, but only for business. A divorce is still pending, and the amount Lauer might have to pay could eat into the fortune he’s been sitting on for quite a while.

How much is Matt Lauer’s divorce settlement?

Last summer, reports were the divorce was close to finalizing with Lauer paying Roque $20 million, plus sharing custody of their three kids. This doesn’t seem like a done deal, and it wouldn’t surprise us if he ends up paying her more based on the drama he brought onto her life.

Should this happen, will Lauer have to downsize his life living in the Hamptons when he has no job prospects on the horizon (if ever)?

What might irk some is Lauer has a net worth of close to $80 million, while still making $25 million a year to fulfill his NBC contract. Sitting pretty with this money after being accused of sexual harassment with various women seems like a broken record when you see similar hosts (like Bill O’Reilly) getting large payouts.

It all makes justice and punishment a bit skewed to receive untold millions merely to not be on TV anymore.