What Is Matthew McConaughey’s Net Worth?

The last time you saw Matthew McConaughey was probably in a Lincoln ad. | Lincoln

There isn’t a more down-to-earth celebrity today than Matthew McConaughey who now has a happy marriage, acting admiration, and works with important causes. While he sometimes runs the risk of overexposure (especially as an ad pitchman), most of his movies are eagerly awaited to see what kind of performance he’ll offer.

With a solid career that never wanes, you likely already know McConaughey makes a lot of money. How much does he make compared to his peers, though? While the debates still go on about male and female actors being paid equally, you might say McConaughey deserves his big net worth for one particular reason.

TV commercials in his early days

A lot of A-list actors today started in TV commercials, and McConaughey was one of them. You might say he’s gone full-circle with this now if you’ve recognized his kooky voice work in Carl’s, Jr. ads and all his free association Lincoln car commercials. Most of those early commercials he did in the early ’90s were local, as in the Austin, Texas area where he was born.

This commercial experience was no doubt why he did so well in his first major audition for a movie. You can find his audition for Dazed and Confused on YouTube, giving you an idea of his early confidence in front of a camera. Even if this film wasn’t his official first movie (it was really his third), it was the first one where he had a significant speaking part.

It was still a while before he’d start taking daring roles where his characters made him look almost recognizable.

The acting intelligence of ‘Contact’

By 1997, McConaughey was a respected character actor everyone recognized at first sight. Once he co-starred in Contact with Jodie Foster, he was becoming an appealing star who showed clear signs of holding a movie on his own.

He was also playing characters like lawyers or philosophers, something not beyond coincidence. McConaughey was intending to study law as he entered college, yet decided it wasn’t really the right path.

As we saw, though, he was capable of playing lawyers with aplomb. It was even the role of a lawyer that became a big part of his resurgence in film during the early 2010s.

Removing the typecast as a romantic lead

For the remainder of the 2000s, McConaughey had turned into a wealthy superstar actor, though was also typecast playing the same romantic leads in films from The Wedding Planner to Fool’s Gold.

He’d grown tired of these roles, understandably. Even so, it showed how easy it is to become typecast when you start to coast in the same movie genres.

The Lincoln Lawyer was considered the film that took McConaughey to a new plateau in acting for the 2010s, something we saw continue from Dallas Buyers Club (his Oscar-winning role) to Interstellar. True Detective also helped him shape cable into the new movie theater.

Not being afraid to take on a strange indie

Despite all the mainstream success over the last nine years, McConaughey has no fear taking on brave roles in offbeat films. Being wowed by a script like Serenity (not really an Interstellar sequel) is an example of how these films can look good on paper while not translating well on screen.

Fortunately, McConaughey is wealthy enough now where he can afford to take on a daring role or two. He has far less to prove nowadays, which means we might see him in more experimental movies for a while.

McConaughey’s net worth is more than you think

Actor Matthew McConaughey | Jimmy Kimmel Live via Youtube

Now worth $95 million, McConaughey is obviously right up there in the big leagues of A-list paychecks. While you can say he deserves every penny, his net worth is something not overshadowing his seemingly happy marriage to Camila Alves.

Alves reportedly makes millions herself with her lifestyle website and related projects. The fact they’ve create equality in their individual net worth is maybe why they’re a stronger marriage than what we’ve seen with other celebrity couples.

It’s also refreshing to see an actor earn this much money and still stay humble, even if being from Texas probably helps.