What is Patricia Altschul’s Mansion Really Like From ‘Southern Charm?’

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Southern Charm fans usually get a small glimpse inside show matriarch Patricia Altschul’s gorgeous Charleston mansion. The finishings and decor ooze southern charm, plus the home seems to celebrate the city’s rich history.

While Altschul graciously allows cameras to film many of the show’s scenes at her home, she gave Open House a true, in-depth tour. The tour includes the home’s history, her furnishings and she even spills a little tea about a party guest she had to boot from her home.

The home has a rich history

The expansive home was built in the mid-1800s. In fact, the original structure was not a private home, but rather the city’s public library.

When Altschul purchased the home, she took steps to lighten and brighten the home. She said the floors had to be completely refinished and it took about three months just to have them properly painted. Also, light faux marble covers the walls too, which gives rooms an airy, light appearance.

A large umbrella or cane stand sits by the front door. Altschul says she obtained an ornate umbrella stand from the Duke and Dutchess of Windsor sale. The wall leading up the winding staircase is filled with silloette images that look like they are from the past.

Altschul dishes about two commonly seen rooms on ‘Southern Charm’

Altschul’s home has what is called a “morning room” downstairs. She explains that ladies in the 19th century would spend the morning in this room to plan the day. Altschul packs her “morning room” with a number of figurines, as well as a well-stocked bar. She reveals that the first floor alone has three bars. “Because honey you are down south,” she tells the show’s host.

She also has a vast collection of porcelain pug dogs. “This is an eighteenth-century little box that French woman used to carry their beauty marks,” she explains when referring to one of the pug statues.

She reveals that her “drawing room,” is usually where she often hosts parties. When asked what makes a good party, Altschul says, “Expensive liquor and lots of it.”

She reveals what it takes to get kicked out of one of her parties

Off the drawing room is a large porch or piazza, according to Altschul. “This is arguably the best room in the house,” Altschul says. The lengthy piazza is flanked by grand columns and overlooks the manicured grounds, peppered with Meyer lemon trees. Included is a water lily pond, plus the dog’s “summer house.”

Michael, Altschul’s butler also makes an appearance in the butler’s pantry. In fact, Michael makes the host and Altschul one of his famous martinis. The host asks Michael how he feels about some of the wilder party guests. “We have had a few moments where I felt as though individuals who arrived might not have been up to the residence.” One party guest was kicked out too. “The maid found him asleep on the dog bed in the kitchen,” Altschul says about the regrettable guest.

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