What Is ‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s Relationship With Her Daughter, Paige Drummond, Really Like?

She may be a relative newcomer to the Food Network world, but Ree Drummond has already made a name for herself thanks to her hit show, The Pioneer Woman. Not only does Ree share her delicious recipes, but she also gives us a look inside her life as “the accidental country girl.” When Ree was young, she had big dreams of moving to a city — but after meeting her rancher husband, Ladd Drummond, she decided to stay in Oklahoma, have four children, and embrace the country life she never knew she wanted.

While Ree typically manages to stay out of the headlines, it seems her kids are now making news. One of her daughters was recently arrested, and it has the rest of us wondering what Ree’s relationship with Paige is really like.

Paige Drummond is 19 years old and one of the middle children

Aside from her many business endeavors, Ree is also a busy mom. She has four children — two girls and two boys — and they’re growing up fast. Alex is the oldest and just graduated from college, and her two boys, Todd and Bryce are fast approaching college time, too. Paige is just below Alex in age. The second daughter is 19 years old and has just completed her freshman year of college at the University of Arkansas.

Paige even posted about finishing up her first year on Instagram. Accompanied by photos of her friends, she added the caption, “freshman year, you were so so good!! this past year has been filled with laughs, tears, craziness, late night andy’s runs, friendships that i hold so close, and people who constantly bring me closer to Jesus [sic].”

No matter what Paige is going to college for, it’s clear she has an eye for home decor, too. Her beautiful dorm decorating was featured in Southern Living,

She’s making headlines for being arrested for public intoxication

Paige seems like the type of kid to stay out of trouble — but she recently made headlines for an arrest. Radar Online reports Paige was arrested on April 12 for public intoxication and possession of alcohol. The publication further notes that Paige was taken to a jail in Oklahoma, and the district attorney claimed the young Drummond “did appear in a drunken condition.” Not only that, but she was also found with an open container of beer. It looks like she could be facing potential jail time of over a year or hefty fines of over $500 for her crimes.

Radar Online notes Paige isn’t the only Drummond child who’s been caught drinking. Alex, who’s 21, posted a photo to her Instagram of her allegedly chugging four beers. The photo has since been removed, however, so perhaps Alex didn’t want the negativity associated with the photo after all.

Do Paige and Ree really get along?

So, what is Paige and Ree’s relationship really like? Judging from what Ree has written on her blog and her Instagram, it seems she’s ultra-close to her second-oldest child. Back in 2016, Ree wrote a blog post about spending time with Paige that gave her fans some insight into their lives. “Some days, Paige and I are two ships passing each other,” Ree started before going on to explain how Paige likes to keep herself busy with soccer practice, crafts, and friends. “Other days, we are all up in each other’s business, driving places together, baking together, eating together,” Ree went on.

In 2018, Ree also posted a photo of Paige to her Instagram page with an adorable sentiment. “Sweet Paige, second child, beautiful soul,” Ree wrote. And of course, Ree posted a photo showing how tearful she was when Paige left for college, as it’s clear the two of them spent a lot of time together when Alex left for University first. “Red nose, trembling chin, tight throat, aching heart. Leaving your child at college is no picnic. I’ve done it once before and thought maybe this time would be a little easier,” Ree captioned this sweet photo showing her raw emotions.

Ree has yet to publicly comment on Paige’s recent arrest. Hopefully, the middle child has learned from her mistakes and the relationship she has with her famous mom isn’t fractured.

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