What Will Queen Elizabeth Be Like as a Great-Grandmother to Baby Sussex?

When it comes to being a grandmother and great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth has had a lot of practice. Her Majesty has eight grandchildren and seven — soon to be eight — great-grandchildren. And although the line of succession requires her to work closely with some more than others, that doesn’t take away from what she is like as a grandparent and great-grandparent to her family members.

Up ahead, find out what kind of great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth will be like to Baby Sussex.

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth | Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images

What is Queen Elizabeth like as a great-grandmother?

Queen Elizabeth is very lucky. Not just because she lives in a palace, has access to Crown Jewels, and is the Queen of the United Kingdom, but also because she has a large family and has lived long enough to meet not one but seven great-grandbabies with one more on the way. From Prince George to Mia Tindall, Her Majesty has been blessed by another generation of royals.

Here’s a closer look at what the queen is really like as a great-grandmother.

She is protective

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and the rest of the queen’s great-grandchildren live very private lives. However, we know from her experiences with Prince William and Prince Harry that Queen Elizabeth is a protective grandmother and great-grandmother.

When Princess Diana died, the queen’s number one concern was her grandsons. Although her tragic accident occurred at night, she made sure the boys were not woken up and instead broke the news to them in the morning.

She teaches them manners

Queen Elizabeth and Prince George
Queen Elizabeth and Prince George | Samir Hussein/WireImage

In the royal family, manners are a must — and the queen is happy to teach her great-grandchildren how to be respectful. While visiting his great-grandmother at Buckingham Palace, Prince George once learned a valuable lesson in cleaning up. According to reports, Her Majesty told Prince George to clean up his toys, as it is not the staff’s job to do so.

She lets them call her funny names

When Prince William was a little boy, he couldn’t pronounce “granny” and instead called the queen “Gary.” Additionally, her great-grandchildren call her “Gan Gan,” which is a name that Prince Charles used to call his great-grandmother and Prince William and Harry called their great-grandmother (the queen’s mother).

She spoils them with gifts

Queen Elizabeth isn’t much different from other grandmas and great-grandmas — especially when it comes to spoiling. In an ITV Documentary titled Our Queen at Nintey, Kate Middleton revealed a very sweet way the queen connects with her great-grandchildren. “She always leaves a little gift or something in their room when we go and stay, and that just shows her love for the family,” she noted.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince George
Queen Elizabeth and Prince George| Chris Jackson/Getty Images

She treats them with respect

While an outing with the entire family is rare, we occasionally get a glimpse at what Queen Elizabeth is like with her great-grandchildren. Some photographs show Her Majesty slightly bent over while talking to Prince George. While she doesn’t advice kneeling down for an entire conversation — and has scolded Prince William for doing so — she will try her best to get on the same level as her great-grandchildren when they talk to her.

She breaks royal rules for them

The queen is known for her strict royal rules, but sometimes they go out the door for her great-grandchildren. Case in point: Queen Elizabeth broke royal rules when Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis were born.

According to royal title rules, only the monarch’s children and grandchildren are named princes and princesses. However, given their position on the British line of succession, Her Majesty had no issue breaking protocol and granting the little royals official titles of their own.

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